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Google Cloud Platform is a full featured, secure cloud solution using Google’s core infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning. If you are a developer, data scientist, cloud solution architect or systems operations professional looking for training on this key new platform, Fast Lane can help you with that need. And if certification is a goal, training can help you to prove your skill and expertise. Our training solutions leverage Google Cloud experts to teach you the key technical skills and best practices you need in this rapidly growing area!

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Google Cloud Infrastructure Training Course

Cloud Platform Architect Track

Google Cloud Fundamentals - Core Infrastructure Architecting with Google Compute Engine
- OR -
Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine Architectingwith Google Cloud Platform - Design & Process Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Examination

Cloud Network Engineer Track

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals - Core Infrastructure Networking in Google Cloud Platform  

Cloud Security Specialist Track

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals - Core Infrastructure Networking in Google Cloud Platform Security in Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Data and Machine Learning

Data Analyst Track

Google Cloud Data Analyst Track

Data Engineering Track

Google Cloud Platform Bid Data & Machine Learning Google Cloud Data Engineering Google Cloud Preparing for the Professional Data Engineer Examination  

Data Scientist Track

Google Cloud - Data Scientist Track Google Cloud Big Data & Machine Learning

Application Development

Google Cloud - Application Development Google Cloud - Developing

Google Cloud Training Course Catalog

Our full portfolio of Google Cloud Training courses:


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