DevOps Software Deployment

By incorporating real workplace scenarios, labs, and exercises, Fast Lane training courses prepare you for the real-world issues you will face back in a real working environment. With a large catalog covering all areas of DevOps, ITIL, Agile, and Programming you’re able to receive hands-on experience applicable to your specific job or need.

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DevOps is an approach to software development leading to more agile deployment and quicker time to market for application services. Collaboration, communication, integration, sharing and automation result in a more efficient, continuous cycle of software development. Market demand for DevOps skills is growing and DevOps engineers are among the highest paid IT practitioners today. Fast Lane offers training and certification exams for professionals who wish to demonstrate expertise in technologies closely associated with DevOps.

To learn more about our Assess - Coach - Train (ACT) methodology and how it applies to your DevOps transformation, download our PDF to the right.




Our Agile training courses are highly interactive and offer a “hands on” learning approach. Participants will be able to hit the ground running to successfully implement agile methodologies within your teams and departments, and ultimately across the organization. Whether your team is new to Agile or trying to scale Agile, Fast Lane has the training courses and coaching solutions that will make a difference. Our Agile courses are delivered by ASPE, ICAgile Member Organization.



Scrum is a framework for project management that emphasizes teamwork, accountability and iterative progress toward a well-defined goal. The framework begins with a simple premise: Start with what can be seen or known. After that, track the progress and tweak as necessary. Click the square to the right to learn more about Fast Lane's delivery partner Cprime's Certified Scrum Trainers.



The Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe, methodology is an agile framework for development teams built on three pillars: Team, Program, and Portfolio. It is designed not so much as a single methodology, but as a broad knowledge base of proven best practices that real teams have used to deliver successful software products.


Additional Courses

Through our various partnerships with some of today's leading DevOps providers and educators, Fast Lane has the ability to deliver a wider variety of courses covering many different technology areas that are instrumental to today's ever-evolving technological world.

Click on any course for a detailed description from our partner cPrime. To inquire about future training for any of the below courses - please fill out our DevOps interest form.


  • Introduction to Python Programming | Python Programming Basics
  • Mastering Python Programming (with Next-Level Topics)
  • Advanced Python Programming
  • Python for Networking & Systems Administrators
  • Applied Python for Data Science
  • Python for Security Analysts & Professionals
  • Next Level Python in Data Science | Numpy, Pandas, Spark, TensorFlow & More

Application Security

  • Developing Secure Java Web Applications
  • .Net Secure Coding | Developing Secure .Net Web Applications
  • Secure Web Applications / Seminar | Covering OWASP Top Ten, Web Services, Rich Interfaces & More

Web Development

  • Modern JavaScript Essentials
  • Web Development Essentials | Introduction to HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript
  • Mastering Modern JavaScript & JQuery


  • Core Java Programming for OO Developers
  • Java 9 Programming Fundamentals for Developers New to OO
  • JEE Web Development Essentials
  • Java RESTful Essentials


  • Angular Essentials | Introduction to Angular
  • Mastering Angular Development

React Essentials

  • Mastering React | React Essentials, Redux, Hooks, JSX, Forms, Unit Testing / Jest & More