Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find the address of my training center?

You will receive a confirmation letter after you enroll in your class that will include the specific address of the training center where your course will be held. Also, you can find a map and a list of addresses for all of our training centers here.

How do I redeem Learning Credits for a course?

Each process is different depending on the vendor. View our accepted forms of vendor credits below and how to redeem them.

Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs)

You can use your CLCs for any Authorized Cisco course purchase including e-learning. Upon booking your Cisco course, you will be asked to provide your Sales Order Number (SO#) on our payment screen. The SO# is available from your company’s Cisco “Team Captain”. While filling out your booking form, please check the Cisco Learning Credits box. Your training must be booked before your CLCs expire and the class must start before the expiration date of your CLCs (the expiration date can be found on the Sales Order). If you need an extension, it can only be requested within 2 weeks of the CLC expiration date. Cisco does not approve all extension requests, but if the extension is approved, it will be after the first business day of the expiration date. The conversion rate is 1 CLC = $100.00.

NetApp Training Units (NTUs)

After selecting your Authorized NetApp course, during the checkout process, you can select the option to pay using NTUs. You will be asked to enter the P.O. number that was used for the purchase of your TUs. To find out how many NTUs your organization has available, visit the NetApp University Support site and provide your company name and your P.O. number. NTUs expire one year from the date they were purchased. The redemption value of a NTU is dependent on the country it was purchased. An NTU is worth $75.

Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs)

First, check if your license agreement contains Software Assurance Training Vouchers. Then, contact Fast Lane / Directions Training and provide your voucher number and expiration. From there, we will handle the redemption process for you. Vouchers must be redeemed (not reserved) before the expiration date. The conversion rate is 1 SATV = 1 training day.

Juniper Training Credits (JTCs)

In order to redeem your JTCs, we will need your Juniper Training Credit number. JTCs have to be redeemed prior to the expiration date. The conversion rate is 1 JTC = $1.00.

Gigamon Training Vouchers (GTVs)

Gigamon Training Vouchers are valued at $100 USD per voucher. GTVs can be used to purchase authorized Gigamon training including standard Gigamon courses as well as Consultative Gigamon Training solutions. GTVs can only be redeemed through Fast Lane / Directions Training. GTVs expire one (1) calendar year from date of receipt. No discounts can be applied to the cost of a class when using GTVs.

Does my company receive a discount from Fast Lane / Directions Training?

Fast Lane / Directions Training provides discounts for some companies under certain circumstances. We do offer special promotions that might apply. Visit our Promotions page for general offers or call 1-855-778-7246 for information about discounts that your company may be eligible to receive.

What are the different delivery modes for Fast Lane / Directions Training courses?

Classroom/Instructor-Led Training: Allows you to physically come to a training center and attend training in the most traditional sense.

Virtual/Instructor-Led Online: Receive all of the advantages of classroom training, but without the travel. You will have access to hands-on labs, voice and video to interact with the instructor and an electronic whiteboard for instructor notes. We use Cisco’s WebEx product as our virtual platform.

FLEX: A combination of classroom and virtual training as instructors teach both students in the physical classroom and students attending virtually at the same time.

Onsite: Receive standard and customized training that is delivered exclusively to employees of your company. It can be delivered at your business location, a facility near your business, via ILO or via our FlexClassroom™ technology depending on your needs and the course being delivered.

How do I register for a course?

Online: Click on the location of the course you wish to take and fill in the online form. You will be contacted for payment details.

Telephone: Call our representatives at 1-855-778-7246

Email: Send an email to and we will contact you to assist you with your enrollment.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Training Acceleration Program (TAP) funds: Redeem your pre-paid TAP funds for discounted courses.

Credit Card: We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. If you reside outside the US you must pay by credit card.

Learning Credits: We accept Cisco Learning Credits (CLCs), NetApp Training Units (NTUs), VMware Training Credits (VTCs) and Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs).

Purchase Orders (POs) / Corporate Checks: Corporate checks must be received before the start of class.

For more information on payment, please visit

What is your cancellation policy?

If you would like to cancel your registration, please send in a request via e-mail to or faxed in writing to 919-882-8036. For more information, please visit

Can I reschedule my course?

You can reschedule your registration up to 14 business days before the scheduled start date without being penalized. For more information, please visit

What hours are classes held?

Classroom courses are held from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time and virtual courses are held from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (the time zone is identified at enrollment time). Your confirmation letter will have your specific class time listed. Some courses may have longer days (e.g.: Boot Camps). The longer hours are identified in the course description and will be communicated via your confirmation email.

Are meals (breakfast/lunch) provided for my class?

Snacks, drinks and a continental breakfast are provided for Instructor-Led Training courses at some facilities and are not guaranteed.

What materials will I receive for my course?

Most courses now offer eKits with the exception of ENCWE, WMUAPI, IAUWS and SAEXS. Hard copy materials are available for some courses upon request. To access your ekit please visit our E-Book Courseware page.