Getting Started with Google Workspace (GSGW)


Course Overview

If you are new to Google Workspace, this training will equip you with the skills you need to be productive in the workplace.

Through a series of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on activities, you will become proficient in the use of the following core Google Workspace applications: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Meet and Google Chat.

Who should attend

New Google Workspace users

Course Objectives

  • Organize your email with Gmail.
  • Manage your schedule using Google Calendar.
  • Organize, secure, and share files in Google Drive.
  • Demonstrate the key features of Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.
  • Secure, share and collaborate with others in Google Workspace.
  • Schedule and manage video conferences using Google Meet.
  • Use Google Chat to collaborate with others.
  • Configure Google Workspace to suit your way of working.
  • Solve business challenges using Google Workspace.

Outline: Getting Started with Google Workspace (GSGW)

Course 01 - Gmail


  • Compose, reply, forward, and format messages using the Gmail interface.
  • Organize your messages in Gmail.
  • Explain how Gmail integrates with other Google Workspace apps.
  • Enable Gmail security features to protect the Gmail Inbox.
  • Identify the different contact types supported by Gmail.
  • Manage your personal Gmail settings.
  • Identify ways to customize Gmail to improve productivity

Course 02 - Google Calendar


  • Explain how to navigate the Google Calendar interface.
  • Create, modify, and invite guests to a Google Calendar event.
  • Manage Google Calendar events.
  • Search for an event using Google Calendar search.
  • Describe the different types of events that are available in Google Calendar
  • Share a Google Calendar.
  • Create and manage additional calendars.
  • Adjust your Google Calendar settings to suit your workflow.

Course 03 - Google Drive


  • Differentiate between My Drive and a Google shared drive.
  • Describe the sharing options available in Google Drive.
  • Navigate the Google Drive interface.
  • Create and manage a Google shared drive.
  • Describe shared drive permissions.
  • Apply templates to work across Google Workspace applications.
  • Describe how to sync files with Google Drive.

Course 04 - Google Docs


  • Describe how to open Google Docs and create a new document.
  • Style and format documents using Google Docs.
  • Enhance your Google Docs documents with images, tables, links, bookmarks and more.
  • Explain Google Docs sharing options and permissions.
  • Manage versions in Google Docs.
  • Collaborate in Google Docs using comments and action items.
  • Identify the tools and options available in Google Docs.

Course 05 - Google Sheets


  • Describe how to open Google Sheets and create a new spreadsheet.
  • Add, import, copy, paste, sort and filter data in Google Sheets.
  • Apply formatting to cells, rows, columns, and tabs in a Google Sheet.
  • Perform calculations and visualize data using Google Sheets.
  • Share a Google Sheets spreadsheet and apply permissions.
  • Manage spreadsheet versions in Google Sheets.
  • Collaborate in Google Sheets using comments and action items

Course 06 - Google Slides


  • Open Google Slides and start a new presentation.
  • Apply different themes and layouts in Google Slides.
  • Add and format content in Google Slides.
  • Add and edit visual objects using Google Slides.
  • Enhance Google Slides with slide transitions and object animations.
  • Manage and organize slides in a Google Slides presentation.
  • Share a Google Slides presentation and apply permissions.
  • Manage presentation versions in Google Slides.
  • Collaborate in Google Slides using comments and action items.
  • Present a completed presentation to others.
  • Describe the presentation tools available in Google Slides.

Course 07 - Google Meet


  • Describe Google Meet.
  • Describe the options for creating, starting, and joining a Google Meet video conference.
  • Describe the collaboration features in Google Meet.
  • Describe the host management features in Google Meet.
  • Solve business challenges by using Google Meet.

Course 08 - Google Chat


  • Describe how to send messages and manage Google Chat.
  • Streamline workflow and collaboration capabilities among virtual teams by using spaces in Google Chat.
  • Describe how to use apps available in Google Chat.
  • Solve business challenges by using Google Chat.

Course 09 - Google Sheets-Advanced Topics


  • Apply advanced formatting in a Google Sheet.
  • Use advanced functions and apply data validation in Google Sheets.
  • Visualize data using Google Sheets with charts and pivot tables.
  • Create and collect data using Google Forms.

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training

4 days

  • US$ 2,495
Classroom Training

4 days

  • United States: US$ 2,495


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