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Introduction to Cisco Sales

1 Day, Classroom or Online

Get an overview of Cisco's vision and the products and solutions available to sell.

ONTAP Cluster Administration and Data Protection Bundle (9.5)

5 Days, Classroom or Online, UPDATED

Learn basic admin tasks of an ONTAP 9.5 cluster, as well as data protection solutions integrated into the ONTAP software.

Securing Cloud Deployments with Cisco Technologies

4 Days, Classroom or Online

Learn how to implement Cisco cloud security solutions to secure access to the cloud.

Implementing VMware vSphere on ONTAP

2 Days, Classroom or Online

Learn how to implement NetApp’s Virtual Storage Console by deploying, managing, and protecting a VMware virtual infrastructure in both SAN and NAS environments using ONTAP.

Element Software Administration

2 Days, Classroom or Online, Private Delivery Only

Learn basic administration skills for a NetApp Element software cluster through lecture and hands-on exercises.

Blockchain Essentials

1 Day, Classroom or Online, Fast Lane Exclusive

Take a look at Blockchain through the three lenses of Economics, Technology and Business and help you determine whether Blockchain Technology is right for your organization.


NEW! Cisco Stealthwatch Courses

Now available for private deliveries.

Cisco Digital Learning Library

Cisco's Digital Learning Library goes PLATINUM.

Microsoft Professional Program

Bundle your Microsoft Training and Save!

Agile & DevOps Training

Fast Lane is excited to announce a new portfolio of Agile and DevOps training.

Webinars & Immersion Workshops

The Top Three Enterprise Risks Addressed by DevOps

1 Hour Webinar | June 27, 2019 2:00 pm EDT

Are you a business executive looking for the business value DevOps can provide? Or are you a DevOps champion who needs to address business executives’ skepticism? In this presentation we delve into one of many reasons why DevOps is important to your business: Mitigation of business risks

The need for DevOps is obvious for IT-centric businesses like Google, Amazon, or NetFlix. But what about the rest of us, whose businesses are in other domains like manufacturing, medicine, or financial services? Is DevOps really important enough to warrant the amount of investment it demands?

In a word, Yes! Although “Dev” refers to software application development, and “Ops” refers to IT operations, the benefits of DevOps reach into all parts of the business. It doesn’t only connect Dev and Ops, but it enables us to transform IT from merely a supporting function into a strategic enabler of business priorities. This presentation will look at how DevOps addresses these key enterprise risks: Being outpaced by your competition, interruption of your business by IT outages, and loss of corporate knowledge due to employee turnover.

Agile, DevOps and Security: How to Build Security into User Stories Early in Your Pipeline

1 Hour Webinar | July 11, 2019 2:00 pm EDT

In our technology organizations, no business priority is more important in today’s world than security. However, it often comes as a surprise to those who depend on network operators and IT infrastructure staff that the vast majority of security vulnerabilities are introduced at the application layer – often far upstream of where I.T. staff can take steps to mitigate the risk. This is a dangerous and pervasive problem and should provoke a sense of urgency.

The only proven solution to this weakness is continuous progress with an agile engineering approach, and DevOps practices – involving developers, business decision makers, and downstream I.T. as early as possible in the application pipeline. In this presentation we will discuss a few specific ways to do it, and how we can “shift left” in security – driving more urgency and priority around security needs.

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NEW! Azure Video Blog Series

Check out our new weekly Azure "How To" videos.

Implementing DevOps: People First, Tools Later

Keep in mind recommendations to truly implement DevOps in your team.

Testing Microservices 101

The inside scoop and key takeaways on microservices.


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