Fast Lane Announces Global IT Security Training Partnership with NotSoSecure

Fast Lane is proud to announce that they have been selected as the Global Authorized Training Partner for world-recognized IT security firm, NotSoSecure (

NotSoSecure is an Offensive Security firm with a goal of making Penetration Testing simpler and more accessible. Working around the world in only these specialty subject areas, NotSoSecure was formed to be an agile, client-facing, highly innovative global security company. The founders are renown for leading the most intensive and well-received hacking sessions at BlackHat, the world’s largest gathering of IT Security experts. The NotSoSecure portfolio pushes the boundaries on typical pen test skills development with courses such as !, !, !, !, ! and !.

Dan Haagman, Director of NotSoSecure, said unlike most security training which is developed once, and maybe refreshed after a year or two, NotSoSecure operates a continuous release cycle driven by its practical work in the area of Penetration Testing on a daily basis. Haagman stated, “If a relevant, new exploit becomes known and appropriate for our training, it will be immediately included. For example, in late 2015 the Java Serialization exploit was announced and within 24 hours it was already added to our custom lab and course materials. We believe in continuous innovation to reflect what is happening in the real world and wish to provide our clients with the very latest and best."

“With the explosive growth of industrial and enterprise IoT solutions quickly coming to market, demand and interest in security has never been higher”, said Chuck Terrien CEO Americas, Fast Lane. NotSoSecure’s curriculum, based on outstanding content and relevant certifications is exactly what our customers are seeking”.

With its operations spanning 50 countries, 3000+ classes and 1500 trainers who train 40,000+ customers per year, Fast Lane will work with NotSoSecure to provide its suite of training classes across the globe. The new partnership will allow Fast Lane to deliver a wide range of advanced IT Security training courses such as Advanced Infrastructure Hacking, Advanced Web Hacking, AppSec for Developers, Advanced Mobile Hacking and Advanced IoT Hacking. The strategic training partnership is designed to address the rapidly growing demand for IT Security Training and to provide carefully crafted, lab-based training that brings practical expertise into a hands-on teaching environment.

Fast Lane’s NotSoSecure offerings can be found here.

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