NotSoSecure Training

As the Global Authorized NotSoSecure Training Partner, Fast Lane offers the most comprehensive set of Hacking training courses, bringing real-world Penetration Testing experience, research, conference content and “know-how” together. Our NotSoSecure training portfolio includes a wide range of advanced IT Security courses such as Advanced Infrastructure Hacking, Advanced Web Hacking, AppSec for Developers, Advanced Mobile Hacking and Advanced IoT Hacking that is designed to address the rapidly growing demand for IT Security Training and to provide carefully crafted, lab-based training that brings practical expertise into a hands-on teaching environment.

NotSoSecure Training

NotSoSecure Certification

The !NS-TAOH is required to earn your !.

How Certification Works:

  • Take the !NS-TAOH course
  • Study and prepare
  • Enroll with IEEE for the !
  • Choose your certification date
  • Receive the keys to your certificaiton lab
  • Login and demonstrate your skill and expertise
  • Complete the required "Capture the Flag" challenges
  • Earn your Ninja or Master Certification

Learn More:

  • !

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