Gigamon Foundations I: Insight into Network Data Across Your Network (GFD1)


Course Content

The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric is an essential element in any monitoring or security strategy. The Gigamon Foundation I course is the first building block in learning how to implement and configure GigaVUE® platforms in your organization. Through comprehensive discussions, real-world use cases and practical hands-on labs, this course covers the foundational skills needed by security and network teams to understand how to initially configure Gigamon appliances and features. The course will help you accelerate deployment and the expected ROI for solutions that incorporate the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric.

Who should attend

  • Security and networking architects, administrators and operations staff who are Gigamon customers but new to Gigamon products
  • Gigamon partners who focus on security and networking and who are using Gigamon products for the first time


Before attending this course, you should have an understanding of the following:

  • Data security protection and prevention fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of route switch technologies

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will understand:

  • The different Gigamon product layers and how they function as part of a security solution
  • How to plan for, and ultimately deploy, Gigamon products into your data center
  • Different sources of traffic and how they impact your overall security solution
  • How to install a new Gigamon GigaVUE HC Series or GigaVUE TA Series appliance into your network for the purpose of security or network monitoring
  • How to create flow maps to help ensure that the right traffic gets to the right tool at the right time

Outline: Gigamon Foundations I: Insight into Network Data Across Your Network (GFD1)

This 2-day course includes instruction time, hands-on labs and several discrete and sequential modules that walk you through the materials covered:

Module 1: Gigamon Solution Overview

  • Gigamon Platform
  • Network TAPs
  • GigaVUE TA Series, GigaVUE HC Series, GigaVUE-FM

Module 2: Solution Identification and Planning

  • Visibility challenges
  • Tunnel packets
  • Aggregate packets
  • Filter packets
  • Load-share packets
  • Flow sampling
  • Flow mapping

Module 3: Gigamon Solution Installation and Initial Configuration

  • Initial installation
  • Network setup
  • Console access
  • Port and module setup

Module 4: The Principles of Flow Mapping®

  • Network packet broker basics
  • Filtering
  • Flow mapping features

Module 5: Understanding Traffic Sources

  • Traffic source
  • SPAN / Mirror
  • TAPs and TAP selection

Module 6: Sizing a Visibility Deployment

  • Port counts
  • GigaVUE H Series
  • GigaVUE TA Series
  • Module requirements

Module 7: Configuring Clustering

  • Clustering
  • Checklist
  • Packet forwarding
  • Plan the cluster
  • Port considerations
  • Diagram the cluster

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