Predictive Analytics for Everyone

Predictive Analytics for Everyone


Being able to assure customers and stakeholders that reliable outcomes will be delivered is critical to the growth and stability of your business. The key to this is in your data, and predictive analytics help you derive insights into likely performance of business initiatives. Empowering everybody with the techniques within predictive analytics, such as linear regression, provides your company with the acumen and insight to delight your customers with assured success. Fast Lane’s Predictive-Analytics-for-Everybody arms leaders, managers and professional analysts with ability to turn data into future insights, all using the world’s most popular spreadsheet program, Microsoft Excel. Using Excel’s out of the box functionality makes predictive analytic techniques such as linear regression analysis fun and easy - Unleash your team’s abilities and your data by establishing a data culture that embraces predictive analytics! By using Excel as the tool of choice, you leverage the familiar to perform the AWESOME, and enable folks who are not professional analysts or data scientists to join the ranks of data citizens driving an AI-Powered future.

Our program will enable you to answer interesting business questions like:

  • If we spend more money here, how much uplift in the business should we expect?
  • What factors are most important in determining price/demand/supply?
  • Does the interaction of certain product features have a disproportionate effect?
  • Can we accurately predict future business performance?

Prerequisites: basic skills with Microsoft Excel (No programming or difficult mathematics are required!)

Topics Covered:

  • The type of business problems where predictive analytics can be useful.
  • Why the arithmetic mean (aka the “average”) is a predictive model.
  • How simple linear regression improves upon the arithmetic mean.
  • Using Excel to train simple linear regression models.
  • Using Excel to train multiple linear regression models.
  • Interpreting predictive models in terms of business drivers.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your predictive models.
  • How to communicate your insights effectively.
  • Additional resources to extend your learning.

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