Microsoft 365

Today collaboration and communication tools are as vital to business success as ever.

Microsoft 365 represents one of the most flexible and powerful platforms on the market, and has seen steady adoption by leading businesses everywhere for its scalability, easy access, security, powerful collaboration, capital spend reduction and other key advantages.

At Fast Lane we know successful adoption is far more than simply signing up for a service however. In the case of Microsoft 365, it enables revolutionary transformation of how business do work and how employees interact. Successful adoption requires bringing your organization up to speed on not only how they used to do business, but also how they will do business going forward and all the opportunities that Microsoft 365 opens up.

Our approach is not just employee education, or technical education, or both. It is looking at your business in a holistic way to plan an effective rollout supporting your business goals, and this means enabling everyone.

Your technical people are in a critical position and must understand precisely how to architect, install, configure and manage your Microsoft 365 environment. Fast Lane is an award-winning enablement company that can deliver the critical role-based and product-based training that your technical teams require. Do you need that education tailored to your specific goals and needs? We can do that as well.

A product installed however is not automatically a product effectively used. For your end users Fast Lane offers our extensive self-paced online training video library which includes over 5,000 task based videos to help end users learn more Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, ProPlus and Windows capabilities. Our platform makes it easy for you to manage a complete enterprise skilling initiative on these platforms, ensuring adoption and return on your investment.

We realize that every environment is unique

Do your users need a bit of additional help understanding how to move from your previous platform to Microsoft 365? Convert your company-specific workflows to the new way of doing things? Fast Lane can team with your company to identify those needs and bring in expert consultants and instructors to close those gaps.

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