Fast Lane joins RiseUp with ServiceNow as Authorized Training Distributor

Raleigh, NC – 3/27/2024 – Fast Lane Consulting & Education North America, a leading provider of advanced IT training solutions, is thrilled to announce its membership in the RiseUp with ServiceNow, a global program to help skill and train individuals in the ServiceNow ecosystem as an Authorized Training Distributor. This effort is set to transform the learning landscape for organizations and professionals by turning education into tangible return on investment, speeding up innovation, and efficiently meeting digital objectives.

In a recent survey, a significant majority of respondents emphasized that training is crucial for the successful deployment of ServiceNow applications, underscoring the critical role of education in leveraging technology to achieve business goals. Additionally, a substantial portion of those surveyed acknowledged that training optimized their investment in ServiceNow, demonstrating the high value and impact of specialized learning programs.

Furthermore, many professionals reported experiencing a positive shift in their careers as a direct result of ServiceNow training, highlighting the transformative potential of acquiring in-demand skills and certifications.

As an Authorized Training Partner, Fast Lane’s membership supports RiseUp with ServiceNow’s ambitions to skill one million people on the company’s platform. RiseUp with ServiceNow also expands on the traditional definition of tech talent by emphasizing whole‑person competencies and “power skills” such as critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and creativity.

Through this collaboration, Fast Lane is uniquely positioned to drive the adoption of ServiceNow skills and certifications, facilitating a workforce that is well-equipped to innovate and navigate the digital landscape.

“Our partnership with ServiceNow is more than just an agreement; it's a leap towards enabling businesses to thrive in the digital era," said Mark Guiditta, CEO at Fast Lane Consulting & Education North America. "We are committed to delivering training programs that not only enhance individual careers but also propel organizations towards their digital transformation goals."

ServiceNow’s comprehensive training programs, now distributed by Fast Lane, are designed to cater to various learning styles and professional needs, ensuring that every participant can achieve their full potential. From hands-on workshops to real-world simulations, learners will gain the skills and knowledge needed to make an immediate impact in their roles and drive significant business outcomes.

About Fast Lane Consulting & Education North America

Fast Lane Consulting & Education North America is a premier provider of technology training, enabling IT professionals and organizations to advance their skills and competencies in a rapidly evolving digital world. With a focus on high-quality, actionable education, Fast Lane is committed to facilitating the success of its clients through innovative learning solutions. For more information, visit:

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