Fast Lane Launches Cisco Digital Learning Library Portfolio with value-added Mentoring Services

Morrisville, NC- In conjunction with Cisco, Fast Lane has launched a portfolio of 21 new full-length Cisco Digital Learning Library courses. The purpose of the new portfolio is to have the ease and accessibility of the e-learning format, but yet have a style of learning that is more similar to an instructor-led course.

“Cisco has raised the bar on the quality and effectiveness of E-Learning”, said Chuck Terrien, CEO-Americas, Fast Lane. “Their new features along with Fast Lane’s additional Mentoring Services make these new courses the best self-paced certification preparation training available”. The premium self-study courses are designed to be as effective as classroom training and align with career certifications for the following Cisco portfolios: Route and Switch, Design, Security, Wireless, Cloud and Collaboration.

In order to match different learning styles, the content for the courses will also be presented via both instructor videos and student guide text. The interface will also be integrated with a single logon and all information in one window for simplicity.

The courses will include HD Video with searchable transcript and subtitles, a full student guide “textbook”, interactive “Discovery Labs”, content review questions at the end of each topic, graded challenges at the end of each section/Challenge Labs and Tests (labs can be recorded and shared), and gamification features (badges, leaderboard). An analytics dashboard is supported to allow companies to track and review student’s performance.

Along with the self-study courses, Fast Lane has developed a Mentoring Service designed to provide students with a more familiar environment that encourages live and electronic interaction with Certified Instructors/Mentors. The services include Webinars, Mentor Office Hours, Email Support, Frequently Asked Questions and Discussion Groups which make up a Mentoring Package that can be added to any of the new Cisco ELT courses for an additional charge.

To view the full Cisco Digital Learning Library please click here.

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