Collaboration Made Easy: Exclusive Courses Developed to Accelerate Professional’s Specific Needs

Fast Lane Releases New Collaboration Portfolio

Fast Lane has significantly enhanced the standard authorized Cisco Collaboration curriculum with an exciting set of unique courses that further support the needs of business’ transformation to digitalization. The new Collaboration Portfolio includes new Certification Bridge courses, new Technology Bridge courses and a new curriculum that supports Cisco’s CSR release 11.

Fast Lane US CEO, Chuck Terrien, said “We are excited to announce these important new offerings. Our customers and partners have been very clear regarding what solutions they need to help them improve their ROI on Collaboration.”

Last year Cisco announced the new Collaboration certification that posed a transition issue for many IT professionals, as some have taken the version 8.0 courses and now they need the new material from the version 10.6 courses. Professionals can either retake the 10.6 versions of the v8.0 courses which is very expensive and has significant overlap or they can take the 10.6 versions they haven’t taken yet, but they would be missing important material from the v8.0 courses. To help candidates achieve their certification goals during this transition, Fast Lane developed Certification Bridge courses. These unique Bridge courses allow professionals to choose shorter, custom courses that meet their specific needs and, in turn, save them time and money. The second part of the Collaboration Portfolio developed by Fast Lane is the Technology Bridge courses which are designed for professionals that are adding new Collaboration solutions to their Collaboration suite. These courses are perfect for professionals who want training that meets their specific solution needs exactly.

Finally, Fast Lane created a focused curriculum on CSR release 11 and the new and important applications the platform supports including Skype for Business and Contact Center.

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