Microsoft Azure Learning as a Service (LaaS)

Digitization is changing the world - consumers are using virtual resources for everything from shopping to ordering cabs. All kinds of businesses, political parties, cities, educational institutions and countries are adapting to take advantage of the opportunities possible in a world of real-time information and choice.

To facilitate this adaptation, Fast Lane has created FastLane.Live, a digital learning platform and new Learning-as-a-Service (LaaS) approach to education. With LaaS and the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP), Fast Lane offers a versatile and dynamic solution to support the digital transformation of any size organization.

If you have a team and wish to accelerate the adoption of new technologies like Azure, Fast Lane’s LaaS service can be implemented and adapted to meet your specific business goals. A blending of the following service offerings can be tailored for you:

Azure Readiness and Enablement: Key Features and Capabilities

Azure is a robust cloud platform. Clients or partners looking to deploy cloud technology need to understand all the functions and features available to support their business goals. Fast Lane has developed a program to help you accelerate the adoption of Azure and meet those goals.

Leveraging a private branded portal, the program would start with an Azure Learning Assessment to determine the teams’ baseline knowledge. Specific learning tracks will be created for the learners so that they only take the training they need. To validate the knowledge gained, we can integrate Certificates/Badges and certification to ensure that the learner can demonstrate the knowledge and skills learned.

To reinforce the learning, various levels of coaching and remote lab access are available to support students following the training. Training can be delivered in different modalities, including face to face instructor-led, in virtual classrooms and self-paced online. Additionally, tailored training can be created to bridge any gaps that the learners may have.

Management can receive reporting to show precisely where each learner is within their personal learning program so that action can be taken if needed to drive adoption and meet project timelines and goals. For all projects, we assign a Fast Lane Program Manager to work with the decision makers to ensure messaging, reporting and students are successful.

Each program will be tailored to meet your timelines and goals and can be fully deployed in a matter of several weeks.