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Today, the new 'normal' is that we live in an era of extremely rapid disruption as the Internet is becoming more and more embedded in how we work, live and play. This disruption is brought about by what we term as Infrastructure 3.0 paradigm which encompasses the disruptive innovations of Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Reality technologies. All of these play a major role in bringing Digital Transformation to all industries and markets; as a result, all businesses today must adapt to these changing market demands for their survival is in question. This journey starts with today’s organizations embracing the possibility of becoming a ‘learning organization’; as the only sustainable competitive advantage available for any organization today is their ability to learn faster than their competition.

Our mission at Fast Lane Digital (the newest division at Fast Lane US) is to empower, educate and enlighten our customers: both enterprise organizations and individuals like. We achieve this by focusing on the impactful areas of business model innovation, organizational development, sales transformation, technical skills training and talent development for our customers.

We are proud to bring you custom courses, designed and implemented by leading area experts in their respective fields. Below is listed what we offer in terms of traditional public and private training options.


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Infrastructure 3.0

Develop the acumen and skills needed to be proficient in the technology and applications of Infrastructure 3.0 (Data, IoT, AI, Blockchain and Reality Technologies).

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 AI Training
Introducing the Microsoft Professional Program: AI Track brought to you by Fast Lane.Live!

Blockchain Training

Big Data Training

Reality Technologies Training

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