Sales Enablement Ultimate DIY Revenue Boosting Sales Training Program (SALES-ST)


Course Content

The Sales Enablement Ultimate DIY Revenue Boosting Sales Training Program is a packaged Train-the-Trainer offering for businesses that are looking for a “tool kit” their own sales trainers can use to train their sales forces through each step of the sales process from prospecting to closing. The selling strategies are a combination of value selling, consultative selling, and insight selling. All video, digital, and print resources are custom branded featuring your solutions and goals. After we train your trainers, we provide ongoing support for 12 months.

The outcomes delivered by applying the lessons include:

  • Provide the sales enablement and sales leadership teams with resources they can use to onboard, train, and coach in-house sellers and channel partner sellers to improve performance
  • Increase prospecting and drive more of a hunting culture
  • Provide the organization with video sales training resources that can be used on their LMS and sales enablement apps to help drive greater ROI
  • Increase the quantity and quality of outbound prospecting efforts and new live customer conversations
  • Improve the overall quality of conversations to transition from a product or selling focus to a customer outcome focus
  • Increase the size of qualified pipeline by 30% or more
  • Increase closing rates
  • Increase overall revenue growth and margin protection
  • Ramp new hires faster and get them to the first sale and to full monthly quota faster
  • Increase the ability of vendors to scale effective, practical sales training to their channel partner sellers
  • Increase the percent of sellers who meet and exceed quota
  • Help free up the time of sales enablement from content creation so they have more time for skill development and coaching to drive results
  • To dramatically increase the competency of any sales force
  • To drive increased peer learning and coaching through the use of a new common selling language
  • Improve the quality and quantity of selling skills coaching delivered by front line sales managers
  • Help product marketers leverage proven selling skills concepts in their product collateral and training for their sales teams
  • Help drive greater applications and results from prior investments in sales methodologies like Challenger Selling, Solution Selling, Consultative Selling and others
  • Upskill and train three of your internal resources to facilitate and coach these selling skills and to become sales training superstars
  • Improve your training team’s ability to teach and impact sales results
  • Use the resources to engage your channel partners sellers more effectively to drive more mind share and sales results
  • Differentiate your partner sales training portal to help you recruit more partners easier and faster
  • Improve the ability of all sellers to communicate the value of their solutions more effectively
  • Increase the confidence of the sales force
  • Reduce turnover

The Ultimate DIY Revenue Boosting Sales Training Program Includes:

  • Up to 35 two-minute video-based selling lessons
    • 100% client branded
    • Hosted on your LMS
  • Train-the-trainer (certify 3 of your trainers to teach the 5Cs System)
  • Three 2-hour sales management coaching webinars
  • Facilitation guides
  • Follow up and reinforcement guides
  • Checklists for measuring results
  • Application worksheets for participants
  • Expert-for-Hire (E4H) services
  • Learning-as-a-Service (LaaS)
  • Up to 12-months phone and email support

Use cases:

  • Facilitated sales training and development
  • Self-guided sales training
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Channel partner sales enablement
  • Up-skilling sales managers

Who should attend

  • Organizations wishing to scale sales training
  • Organizations struggling to build pipeline or make plan
  • Organizations that wish to enable their channel partner sellers with new skills to drive more engagement and results
  • Organizations looking to populate their digital sales training tech stack with ready-made, customized, proven to sell skills video lessons
  • Sales enablement teams looking for proven content
  • Organizations that have invested in Challenger training but have yet to see any real ROI
  • Vendors looking for new tools to engage their channel sellers
  • Organziations looking to get 3 of their staff trained to become sales training superstars
  • Organziations that want to impact both the quality and speed of their new hire sales training
  • Marketing staff who want to get more in sync with selling skills to improve their collateral, playbooks, and battle cards

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