IoT Enterprise Sales Workshop (IOTSALESWS)


Who should attend

Customer-facing roles within enterprise IoT sales channel.

Course Objectives

  • Bring together what you learnt in previous IoT courses, work experience and relevant to fully engage into the process of prospecting, discovery and validation of a customer opportunity using IoT.
  • Leverage the workshop to reinforce and develop the skills necessary to succeed in enterprise IoT sales opportunities.
  • Take an idea or concept of a customer business problem or outcome through all the stages to a viable scalable IoT solution which inadvertently allows the

Outline: IoT Enterprise Sales Workshop (IOTSALESWS)

  • Background on Customer situational overview
  • Understanding the different buyer personas within customer organization and partner ecosystem, and their wants, needs, motivations and aspirations.
  • Work out the practices, methods and insights at each stage of the Prospecting, Discovery, Design and Scaling out of an IoT Opportunity as you take your IoT journey from concept/idea to prototype to pilot and finally to wide-scale production launch.
Classroom Training

Duration 1 day

  • United States: US$ 750
Online Training

Duration 1 day

  • United States: US$ 750
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This is an Instructor-Led Classroom course
This is an Instructor-Led Online (ILO) course. These sessions are conducted via WebEx in a VoIP environment and require an Internet Connection and headset with microphone connected to your computer or laptop.
United States
Oct 1, 2019 Online Training 09:00 US/Central Enroll
Nov 25, 2019 Online Training 09:00 US/Pacific Enroll
Oct 1, 2019 Online Training 09:00 Canada/Central Enroll