Fire Jumper for Account Managers: Stage III and IV (FJAM)


Course Overview

This workshop is the final part of the Cisco Black Belt Academy Stage 2: Security Sales Specialist training. It serves as the “validation work” required for Cisco Partner Sales Representatives to earn the Black Belt Security Sales Specialist badge. For more details on all requirements to earn said badge, please review the Cisco Partner Sales Learning Instructions.

To successfully “pass” this workshop, you must fully attend all 3 consecutive days, with active participation, and be deemed by the instructor to have “passed” the interactive knowledge validation exercises conducted throughout the multi-day event.

Course Content

This 3-day virtual workshop will cover the sales concepts needed for effective selling of the Cisco Secure portfolio into customer CxO groups and their teams. Concepts such as cybersecurity frameworks are introduced, as well as a brief review of the Cisco SAFE conversation workflow methodology. Business and relationship realities tied to different customer profiles are covered, and then the day culminates with a group exercise in presenting a solution to an executive (with instructor and class critique).

Days 2 and 3 will cover Cisco SAFE in greater depth, including how to identify core components required to secure business workflows across places in the network (e.g., cloud, datacenter, remote branch, main campus). The training will culminate in an individual exercise running through the initial SAFE processes and performing a gap analysis of the individual’s choosing. This exercise will be individually critiqued by the instructor, with feedback and guidance for an effective personal learning experience.

PLEASE NOTE: A ID with partner-level access is required to register for this training. If you do not have a ID, you can register here. If your ID does not have partner-level access, please contact your company's partner administrator or the Cisco Partner Relations Team at 1-800-GO-CISCO (Option 5, Option 5, Option 1).

Who should attend

Cisco Partner and Distributor Sales Representatives


Mandatory Prerequisites-

  • All Cisco Partner sales reps are expected to complete the 7 learning maps that comprise Black Belt Stage 1: Sales Associate (cross-architecture) before beginning Black Belt Stage 2: Sales Specialist training.
  • Upon completing Stage 1, Cisco Security Partner sales reps must have completed all on-demand portions for at least 1 competency area inside the Black Belt Security Stage 2: Sales Specialist training.
  • The 4 competency areas are: Access & Endpoint, Cloud Security, Network Security, and Visibility & Segmentation. Once these on-demand portions are complete, then you can register for this validation workshop.

NOTE- This validation workshop will NOT cover rudimentary concepts from earlier stages, and the pace of the course will not be slowed for those that do not have the required baseline knowledge.

Course Objectives

This workshop will help you understand:

  • Cybersecurity compliance trends
  • Zero Trust, including an example of applying its concepts
  • Cisco SAFE factors effecting productive cybersecurity sales discussions
  • Techniques for growing your role as a Trusted Advisor to customers
  • Cisco SAFE workflow process

Upon successful course completion, you will be able to introduce a Cisco SAFE discussion, including Gap Analysis, to customers.

Outline: Fire Jumper for Account Managers: Stage III and IV (FJAM)

Outline: Cisco Black Belt Security Academy powered by Fire Jumper – Sales Stage 2 Validation Workshop (FJAM) Day 1:

  • Solution set worksheet creation and exercise
  • Intro to cybersecurity framework & common paradigms affecting 2021
  • Cisco SAFE methodology intro/orientation toward a security platform
  • Zero Trust concept intro and overview
  • Business drivers and C-suite discussion points
  • Trusted Advisor role training
  • Solution set exercise

Days 2 & 3:

  • Cisco SAFE workshop review
  • History of security architecture and where we are today
  • How SAFE is a Zero Trust model
  • Review of workshop pre-setup documents
  • SAFE techtorial on capabilities & architectures, incl. gap analysis
  • SAFE toolkit review
  • SAFE example walkthrough
  • SAFE individual exercise

Prices & Delivery methods

Classroom Training

3 days

  • United States: US$ 2,995


Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.