Is your company Ready for the AI Revolution?

AI is here, and growing in importance every day. EVERY Business - and everybody in every business - is wondering: “will AI disrupt and destroy, or will it enable us to do more?” We can be pretty sure humanity had a similar reaction when we discovered the diverse gifts (and threats) posed by Fire.

The Microsoft AI Business School is a tool to replace fear, uncertainty and doubt about the outcomes of AI with an understanding of what is possible, how to deploy AI in an ethical, responsible manner and how to build an AI Strategy that leads to a data-driven, AI-Powered culture.

Program Description

The AI Business School Workshop

The Microsoft AI Business School Workshop is a customized strategy session, tailored to your context - adapted to your industrial segment, and the game-changing use cases that others in your sector are deploying. We also meet with your teams before the workshop to gauge where you are on your AI Journey, your AI Readiness maturity level, and ensure the workshop is aligned to your current state and business imperatives.

The program can be readily tailored to the needs of businesses in the following verticals, addressing these and many more use cases:

  • Financial Services: fraud detection, operational efficiencies
  • Retail: omni-channel, eretail, optimizing the customer experience
  • Energy: predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization
  • Healthcare / life sciences: patient experience, AI-augmented diagnostics, drug efficacy
  • Manufacturing: predictive maintenance, product personalization
  • Government: scale citizen operations, traffic analysis, safety and security use cases

AI Workshop Agenda

  • Define a strategy to create business value
  • Discover ways to foster an AI-ready culture in your business
  • Identify guiding principles for responsible AI in your business
  • Introduction to AI technology for business leaders
  • How to plan the next steps for a successful AI adoption

Target Audience: Business Stakeholders, Decision Makers, C-Level
Duration: 3 Hours

Course Information

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