Training Acceleration

Investing with Fast Lane / Directions is investing in yourself
and your team.

Savings up to 65% off!

What is the TAP program?

The Training Acceleration Program (or "TAP") is Fast Lane / Directions's newest way to help our customers both plan for their training budgets and save some dollars along the way.

By pre-paying for your training with Fast Lane / Directions you are securing your training budget is utilized and are guaranteed to unlock a discount based on the amount invested!

Investments in Certification and skill development have proven to be best ROI and success factors amongst Leaders and professionals alike.

What are the benefits of TAP?

Accelerate your training and benefit from priority scheduling as a Fast Lane / Directions TAP customer.

  • Determine your own discount: Discount levels are determined based on the original investment amount. Simply put - The More you Train, the More you Save!
  • Have Freedom and Flexibility: Your TAP investment means you can choose any course, any date and any training modality that you wish.
  • Work with a Dedicated Training Representative: Our Fast Lane / Directions team is second to none! We have dedicated training representatives to help you through every step of your training journey.

Use your prepaid funds to work with our subject matter experts who not only understand the solutions and skills required in today’s rapidly changing technology world, but we also take the extra step of empowering your team via coaching and mentoring to get the job done.

Combining vendor credits with your TAP contribution allows you to activate an even higher discount level on your collective spend. TAP customers can save up to 65% or more on their annual training program.

What can you use your TAP for?

Top 20 IT Training Company

Fast Lane / Directions Training is partnered with industry giants like Fortinet, Cisco, Google and Microsoft and has been recognized by Training Industry Top 20 for several years in a row.

As a value-added service, we will work with you to navigate various vendor offers and build out a learning program that considers the best courses and services across our vendor ecosystem to maximize savings, increasing your ROI on employee re-skilling, and reduce your overall spend per learner.

Other TAP Partner Programs include:

In addition to each of our Partner offerings, you may also apply your TAP to any of Fast Lane / Directions’s Professional Services, including:

  • Learning Services
  • Expert For Hire
  • Programs & Skills Transformation
  • Transformation Services

Other exclusive Fast Lane / Directions offerings include:

QwikLabs is an applied learning initiative that equips your teams with access to a dynamic lab environment helping them build their skills and competencies with the many in-demand cloud capabilities. Learners can ‘break and re-build’ as they replicate scenarios that can be applied to real operating environments. This is a great way to onboard and engage learners, accelerate competency development and identify additional skill gaps in your growing workforce.

Hack the Cert™ Program transforms the traditional ILT (Instructor-Led Training) in order to drive deeper skills development as well as accelerated certification attainment. It also build team capabilities by having learners work in teams to tackle real business problems that are crafted to reinforce exam objectives as well as demonstrate real business outcomes.

How to get started with TAP?

1. Assess your total combined contribution (before end of 2021) a. Assess the value of your unused 2021 funds b. Assess the value of any vendor credits you may have earned, and may be expiring c. Connect with Fast Lane / Directions using the form below.

2. A Fast Lane / Directions Advisor will then connect with you to: a. assess your learning needs for 2022 b. present a proposed learning plan with discount scenarios

3. Together, we will finalize and activate your learning plan and put you at the front of the line when scheduling courses.

Leverage Fast Lane / Directions’s TAP Program and accelerate your learning initiatives for higher returns on productivity, business sustainability and growth in 2022.

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