AI Augmented
Workforce Program

The time to start your business’s AI Journey is NOW: before it's too late.

At Fast Lane, we have established the FASt AI Adoption Framework, a process for looking at how your company can get started by identifying opportunities for AI and building role-specific “AI Stacks” that transform workers in their function – and with the power of Generative AI, the transformation starts now!

The FASt AI Adoption Framework provides a structure to chart the course for creating AI-Powered business units, and ultimately, AI-Powered Enterprises.

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What is the FASt AI Adoption Framework?

Whether it is business/functional roles or technical/analytical roles, workers can be augmented by AI at the functional level, as a cohort in a line of business, or at the system/enterprise-wide level.  And there is a logical way of approaching this, using our FASt AI Adoption Framework, that can help you wherever you are on the AI Journey. The FASt AI Adoption Framework addresses the following objectives:

  • Analyze how AI can impact your vertical, and the functions within your enterprise.
  • Discover potential for impact at functional level, cohort (i.e. team and cross-functional team level, and then on to Enterprise-wide, business strategy (i.e., transforming entire relationship with market.) impact.
  • Establish Quick AI Wins:
    • Transform key roles (Marketing, Sales (Functional roles), IT Analyst, Data Analyst and Business Analyst (Analytical roles)
    • Transform roles in context of vertical
    • Analyze AI impact across the pillars of Data, Data Analytics, Automation, and CloudBD, in terms of capabilities and requirements
  • Address skill requirements supporting all pillars
  • Prioritize based on near, mid, long term strategy
  • Initiate appropriate upskilling strategy to support your business

The AI-Augmented Workforce program includes a series of customizable workshops that help a business identify opportunities for transforming each function in the workforce, as well as addressing how LoBs and cross-functional teams can be augmented by the right AI stack.