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Cisco TrustSec replaces traditional network overlay methods with a topology-independent approach to integrated security policy enforcement. Cisco TrustSec addresses several IT challenges faced by businesses today by providing centralized policy distribution and uniform enforcement methods across multiple platforms through the use of Cisco-specific and standards based functionality.

Join industry expert, Natalie Timms, for our one hour Demystifying Cisco TrustSec Webinar where we will cover both technical concepts and practical deployment use cases that explain the advantages of deploying a Cisco TrustSec solution.

  • Understanding the Problem Space - Business Justification and Advantages
  • Cisco TrustSec Components - Protocols, Features and Devices
  • Deploying Cisco TrustSec - Uses case for BYOD and Data Center Segmentation

Natalie Timms is a former program manager with the CCIE certification team at Cisco, before becoming an independent consultant. With more than 20 years experience with computer networking, she has contributed at the IETF standards level and has written many technical papers and is also a Cisco Press author and US patent holder. Natalie has also been an instructor in the Asia Pac region for Wellfleet Communications/Bay Networks and a multiple Cisco Live Distinguished Speaker award winner. Natalie has a CCIE Security Certification and has a BSc in Computer Science and Statistics from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

Demystifying Cisco TrustSec

Natalie Timms, Presenter
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 @ 1:00PM ET
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NetApp storage in FlexPod provides a foundation for features such as server high availablity, SAN boot, hypervisor storage and more. In this webinar we begin with a brief comparison of FlexPod Express, Datacenter and Select and explore how NetApp fits into each of these architectures.
We will also investigate how NetApp storage supports the foundational features of FlexPod and define the NetApp storage configuration required to support these features. Our webinar will conclude with a live review of a NetApp configuration supporting FlexPod.

Configuring NetApp Storage for FlexPod

Tia Williams, Instructor
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 @ 1:00PM ET
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Multitenancy in the NetApp storage environment is supported in 7-Mode with MultiStore. But are these multitenant capabilities supported with clustered Data ONTAP? clustered Data ONTAP inherently supports multitenancy. In this webinar, attendees will gain insight into the inherent multitenant capabilities of clustered Data ONTAP, including secure separation and delegation of Storage Virtual Machines (SVMs). We will also discuss how clustered Data ONTAP inherently supports application and tenant separation within enterprise environments.

Clustered Data ONTAP in a Multi-tenant Environment

Tia Williams, Instructor
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 @ 1:00PM ET
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If you experienced a disaster today, would you be able to recover your NetApp cluster? In this webinar we review the various methods of data protection with clustered Data ONTAP and discuss requirements for recovering from a complete cluster disaster. We will also cover:

  • SnapMirror and SnapVault
  • Requirements for failing over to disaster recovery site
  • Recovering the NetApp cluster database
Protecting Clustered Data ONTAP from Disaster

Tia Williams, Instructor
Tuesday, August 19, 2014 @ 1:00PM ET
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