Student Testimonials

Here's a sampling of what former students had to say about Fast Lane's training courses and instructors.

Students that have taken Fast Lane's Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administration (NA-D7ADM) class said:

  • "One of the best class experiences I've had. Thank you. The subjects had just the right amount of detail and exercises. I learned a lot of things that relate to my environment and what was not covered in the book were answered by the instructor."
    --William Tomkiel, Senior Systems Engineer, Sunstone Hotels
  • "The instructor was very good. He presented the information in an informative and entertaining way that made the course material much easier to follow. He provided information that was beyond just book information which is very helpful for real world admin work."
    --Shaun Boucher, TRX
  • "The instructor is awesome. Made the class informative and fun. Good insights and humor. I was a bit worried about how the remote training would be, but it has gone very well and will do this again. Nice broad swath of content."
    --Bradley Lones, IT Research & Development Manager, The Members Group
  • "Material that was covered was excellent. The format and time was well thought out. The instructor was one of the best instructors I have had. He did an excellent job and it was a pleasure taking this course. I am going to recommend this class to other engineers at my company."
    --John Klotz
  • "Being an online course, the flexibility of class location was important to me. Having this depth of information covered remotely is incredible."
    --Frank O'Hara, AAI Pharma
  • "The instructor has provided one of the best training courses I have attended in many years. Very good work and thanks for all the information!"
    --Shane Mann, Corporate Security, Network Solutions
  • "The instructor is unusually knowledgeable of multiple subject matters and weaves them all together to present the information in a way that encourages and challenges you. Extremely aware of the energy of the class and knows when to press on and when to stop to take a break. I never felt overwhelmed even though the material was all new to me."
    --Anthony Crawford, Network Operations Manager, Paragon Space Development Corporation

Students that have taken Fast Lane's CISSP Boot Camp (CISSPBC) have said:

  • "This was my 1st Boot Camp and it was a wonderful and amazing experience! [The Instructor] was well prepared, extremely educated on the topic, and a delightful person to meet and work with. I hope to attend another of his training courses in the future."
    --A. O., IRS
  • "[The Instructor] was outstanding! Great personality, vast knowledge in every topic discussed, enthusiastic, supportive, genuine!"
    --J. A., USGS
  • "Instructor knows the subject matter like the back of his hand. Couldn't find anyone more knowledgeable!"
    --V. C., Defense Information Systems Agency

Students that have taken Fast Lane's NetApp VMware vSphere on NetApp (VVNA) course have said:

  • "I came to this class with only less than a year's experience working with VMWare and NetApp. After this week, I feel that between [The Instructor's] excellent presentation skills, her thorough knowledge of the subject matter and her outstanding ability to communicate the core concepts of the material that was covered gives me a much clearer understanding of how NetApp and VMWare work together. [The Instructor] could not have done a better job of keeping the lecture interesting and was incredibly responsive to questions as well as application to realistic scenarios. By far, this is one of the best technical classes I've taken in a long time!"
    --Steve Sullivan, Systems Engineer, The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company