Summer Vendor Credit Special

Maximize your Cisco, Palo Alto, and Splunk learning, by using your vendor training credits toward Fast Lane delivered training and receive trial access to our premier IT training platform – Fast Lane Live.

How It Works

Organizations or teams who use their Cisco Learning Credits, Palo Alto Training Credits, or Splunk Training Units to book Fast Lane delivered training between June-August 31st, will receive a free one-month trial license to Fast Lane Live for each applicable team member participating in training.

  • Cisco Learning Credit customers, you will need to book your Fast Lane delivered training through the Cisco customer portal and share a screenshot of your booking, and mention the promo code – LCsummerCisco in an email to At which point, you’ll be connected with the sales team for your Fast Lane Live demo and to receive your trial license(s).
  • Palo Alto Training Credit and Splunk Training Unit customers, you can book your training through the Fast Lane website and add the promo code to your order as you check out. You may also contact to receive help with your booking, if preferred.
  • Palo Alto Training – use promo code: TCsummerPA
  • Splunk Training – use promo code: TUsummerSplunk

Fast Lane will process this promotion twice monthly, so it can be up to two weeks after your booking that you’ll be contacted to schedule your Fast Lane Live demo. To receive your Fast Lane Live trial license(s), all users must receive a product demo.

About the Fast Lane Live Platform

Our premier IT training platform is specially crafted to enhance your team's proficiency in essential tech domains such as cloud computing and more. User dashboards can be customized, and manager views are available to track the progress of your team’s training.

This cutting-edge platform is designed to provide unparalleled hands-on experiences for top technology vendors in the industry, empowering professionals like you to excel in today's dynamic technological market.

The Platform also has various levels for all users: Fundamentals, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Levels.

Summer Promo

Why Choose Fast Lane Live?

What truly distinguishes our platform is the unique offering of hands-on labs for AWS, Azure, GCP, PowerBI, Python and more. These immersive labs provide real-world experience, ensuring that your team not only learns theoretical concepts but also applies them in practical scenarios.

You will also gain access to 260+ learning paths including:

  • 4,500+ courses
  • 800+ labs
  • 25,000+ exam questions
  • Access to detailed user reports and analytics

Use your vendor credits with Fast Lane and learn more about Fast Lane Live in your trial license demonstration.

Terms & Conditions

Promotion can only be used in relation to Cisco, Palo Alto, or Splunk Fast Lane delivered training, paid for using prepaid vendor credits. Training must be booked between June-August 31st; customers do not need to attend the training before receiving their Fast Lane Live trial license. There is no limit to the free trial Fast Lane Live licenses, the licenses will only last for one (1) month, to continue using the subscription after the one-month duration your team must purchase licenses at $499(USD)/person or 660 (CAD)/person. It cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. To start the 1-month trial, a demo must first be given to your team so that we can ensure your trial period is successful.