Gold Partner Business Value Package


Product Description

Cisco's Business Transformation curriculum and associated certifications are for sales professionals who engage in customer conversations to align business priorities with technology strategies. To become Cisco Business Transformation Certified, you must complete all three classes and pass their three corresponding exams listed below:


This 5-day Business Value Bundle for Gold Partners (BVBUNDLE) from Fast Lane consists of everything you need to become Cisco Business Transformation Certified while saving you time and money!

Who should attend

This training is intended for individuals in sales roles, including Account Managers, Sales Specialists and System Engineers within Cisco and its Channel Partner companies.


This course consists of both self-paced and instructor led components. There is a preparatory 30-hour self-paced component that provides an overview of outcome-based selling as well as additional knowledge which will be referenced in the instructor-led portion of the course. You will receive the eLearning material after registering for this course.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this offering is to make it easier for Gold Partner's to achieve their Business Value Practitioner Certification.



  • Module 1: The Business Outcomes Sales Approach
  • Module 2: Aligning Business Outcomes to the Customer Business Context
  • Module 3: Sales Opportunities and Outcomes across Industry Verticals
  • Module 4: Identifying Business Outcomes from Emerging Technology
  • Module 5: Cisco Solutions and Their Impact on Business Outcomes Sales
  • Module 6: Identifying Customer Decision Makers, Influencers, and Expectations
  • Module 7: Determining the Financial Returns of Business Outcomes
  • Module 8: Communicating the Business Outcomes Story to the Customer

Days 2-3: !CI-BTASBVA

  • Module 1: Business Outcomes Selling Concepts
  • Module 2: Business Context and Requirements
  • Module 3: Customer Requirements and Desired Outcomes
  • Module 4: Outcomes and Solution Recommendations
  • Module 5: Business Case
  • Module 6: Implementation Roadmap
  • Module 7: Realizing Business Value

Days 4-5: !CI-BTEABVD

  • Module 1: Cisco Integrated Sales Process
  • Module 2: Industry Exposure and Solution Marketing
  • Module 3: Account Team Exposure
  • Module 4: Customer Exposure
  • Module 5: Customer Discovery
  • Module 6: Identify and Design
  • Module 7: Offer and Accept
  • Module 8: Proof of Value
  • Module 9: Production Deployment
  • Module 10: Realize and Validate Customer Value
  • Module 11: Wrap Up and Next Steps

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