ThoughtSpot Technical Bootcamp (TB701)


Course Content

ThoughtSpot Technical Bootcamp started out as an intensive week long learning experience to onboard new ThoughtSpot employees in how to implement the platform. It assumes no prior knowledge of ThoughtSpot, but familiarity with database and business intelligence concepts is helpful.

The bootcamp includes live instruction, hands-on experience, and realistic lab exercises that expose students to common scenarios they will encounter in the field. To earn a bootcamp completion, students must attend all sessions and complete all labs. This rigorous program was expanded in 2019 to ThoughtSpot Partners and later opened up to customers, by popular demand.

This course covers material that helps prepare students to pass all three ThoughtSpot Certifications:

  • ThoughtSpot Professional
  • ThoughtSpot Data Expert
  • ThoughtSpot Architect

Who should attend

  • ThoughtSpot Implementation Partners
  • ThoughtSpot Administrators who are implementing ThoughtSpot for the first time
  • New team members who are responsible for a ThoughtSpot deployment


Students should bring a laptop to class to complete the exercises and labs.

Technical prerequisites:

  • Common Linux command familiarity: scp, ssh, cd, pwd, unzip, ls, cat, vi
  • SQL Data Definition Language (DDL): CREATE TABLE, CREATE DATABASE, ALTER TABLE, primary/foreign keys, star schema

Participants will be able to follow along in the bootcamp without these prerequisites but it will be helpful to have them.

If participants are using a Windows machine in class, they will need to install:

  • A terminal emulator, like Putty
  • An SCP client, like WinSCP

Course Objectives

Upon completion, students will be able to implement a pilot or production deployment of ThoughtSpot.

Outline: ThoughtSpot Technical Bootcamp (TB701)

  • End User Essentials and Advanced End User Courses
  • Data Loading and Making Data Searchable Courses
  • Thoughtspot Architecture
  • Data Modeling and Worksheet Design Best Practices
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Performance
  • Embedding ThoughtSpot Overview
Classroom Training

Duration 4 days

  • United States: US$ 3,980
Online Training

Duration 4 days

  • United States: US$ 3,980

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