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Red Hat JBoss A-MQ Development and Deployment (JB437)

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About this Course

Red Hat JBoss A-MQ Development and Deployment (JB437) is a two-day course that gives Java™ developers and architects an understanding of the key concepts associated with Java Message Service (JMS) and Apache ActiveMQ.

Key concepts associated with JMS and Apache ActiveMQ/Fabric—including topologies, protocols, message groups virtual destinations, failover and high-availability. Students will learn how Apache ActiveMQ/Fuse Message Broker can be used with multiple communication protocols and in numerous client-broker and broker-broker topologies.

Who should attend

  • Java developers and A-MQ administrators who need to understand how to build integration solutions with A-MQ, using message-oriented middleware with high performance and high availability capabilities.

Class Prerequisites

  • A basic understanding of distributed systems design challenges involving message-oriented middleware (MOM)
  • A solid understanding of Java including Apache Maven and JBoss Developer Studio

What You Will Learn

  • Red Hat JBoss A-MQ installation
  • Client connectivity and broker networks
  • High availability, reliability, and load balancing
  • Security for JBoss A-MQ
  • Performance Tuning
  • Managing JBoss A-MQ networks with Fabric
  • Java Message Service (JMS) enhancements
  • Heterogeneous environments

Outline: Red Hat JBoss A-MQ Development and Deployment (JB437)

Module 1: Introduction to Red Hat JBoss A-MQ

  • Introduce the main components and commands required to run and configure JBoss A-MQ.

Module 2: Introduction to Java Message Service (JMS)

  • Provide an overview of messaging in the Java environment.

Module 3: Enhancements to JMS

  • Become familiar with JBoss A-MQ enhancements to JMS.

Module 4: Increasing performance in A-MQ

  • Perform tasks to tune performance.

Module 5: Implementing security in Red Hat JBoss A-MQ

  • Increase availability and reliability using load balancing and other strategies.

Module 6: Managing A-MQ Networks with Fabric

  • Manage JBoss A-MQ networks with Fabric.

Module 7: Connecting to A-MQ using JMS

  • Connect to JBoss A-MQ using JMS.

Module 8: Enhancements to JMS

  • Learn about enhancements to JMS.

Module 9: Heterogeneous Environments

  • Describe programming technologies used in heterogeneous environments.
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