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Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Application Server Management (EX234)

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About this Course

Individuals who earn the Red Hat® Certificate of Expertise in Application Systems Management have demonstrated the skills and knowledge needed to use JBoss Operations Network to monitor and manage application systems running on Red Hat JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform and Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Application Server Management exam is a performance-based exam.

Who should attend

  • The audience for this exam is experienced system administrators who use JBoss Operations Network to manage and monitor application systems.

Class Prerequisites

  • There are no prerequisite for this exam, but Red Hat recommends that you have good, hands-on experience with JBoss Operations Network and consider taking the JB234 course as well.

Recommended Training !RH-JB234

What You Will Learn

You should be able to perform the following tasks:

Install and manage JBoss Operations Network server

  • Execute a basic installation of JBoss Operations Network server
  • Install, start, stop, and restart JBoss Operations Network server
  • Understand rhqctl script use

Install and manage RHQ Agent on a managed platform

  • Install and upgrade an agent on a managed platform from the JAR File
  • Register and re-register the agent
  • Clean the agent configuration, with the original security token
  • Understand and use agent prompt commands
  • Run the JBoss Operations Network agent as a service
  • Change the agent connection configuration
  • Install the agent from an RPM
  • Start the agent

Install and manage plug-ins

  • Install JBoss Agent Plug-in Packs
  • Install Platform Plug-in
  • Install Agent plug-ins through JBoss Operations Network server, without physical access to the managed platform
  • Configure the agent to discover Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 6 instances

Manage resources

  • Discover resources
  • Know the different the types of resources
  • Use dynamic searches for resources and groups
  • Fix connection settings for JBoss EAP-type resources
  • Interact with system users for agents and resources

Managing groups

  • Create static groups
  • Create dynamic groups
  • Write RHQ Dynagroup expressions
  • Recalculate dynamic groups
  • Use recursive groups


  • Define and configure metrics and measurements
  • Enable and disable metrics for a specific resource
  • Change metrics templates
  • Understand server metrics and JBoss EAP-type resource metrics
  • Understand resource traits

Define alerts

  • Understand and define alert conditions
  • Understand and define alert dampening
  • Understand and define alert notifications

Deploy applications and content

  • Understand and design bundles
  • Create a basic Ant bundles file
  • Provision bundles
  • Deploy content and applications through bundles

Manage configuration drift

  • Understand drift, drift definitions, and detection
  • Understand snapshots, deltas, and baseline images
  • Add a drift definition for a resource
  • Pin snapshots and manage compliance

Manage users and roles

  • Create a new user
  • Create a new role
  • Define access control and permissions
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