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Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer (RHCJD) Exam (EX225)

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Intended for mid-level Java™ developers, JBoss® Enterprise Application Development (JB225) introduces you to Java EE 6 frameworks, specifications, and application programming interfaces (APIs). This version of the course includes the Red Hat® Certified JBoss Developer exam (EX225).

Who should attend

  • Java™ EE application developers


  • Be familiar with using Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment
  • Red Hat JBoss Development: Persistence with Hibernate (JB297) course or have extensive project experience using JPA and Hibernate
  • Review the Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer exam objectives

Recommended Training

Course Objectives

Using Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio, you should be able to accomplish the tasks below without assistance. The tasks have been grouped into categories to assist your preparation.

Configure and create enterprise-ready web projects

  • Configure database connection and persistence details
  • Include existing components and entities
  • Generate views and view beans from entities
  • Choose between war and ear applications
  • Generate the application scaffold
  • Handle web and enterprise application project structures, including possible configuration file locations
  • Generate and deploy the application using maven or JBoss Tools

Work with contexts (CDI)

  • Use the best context lifecycle for a given use case
  • Make good use of Conversation by understanding:
    • Context order used by the container to resolve components and context variables
    • Temporary versus long running
    • Conversation promotion
    • Conversation demarcation and propagation
    • Relation between conversations, transactions, and persistence context flushmode
    • Debugging a CDI application (potentially with Arquillian)
  • Manage context content

Work with POJO/JEE components

  • Differences between EJB3-based components and POJO-based components
  • Component definition
    • Apply @Named
    • Configure beans.xml
  • Component lifecycle
  • Component / contexts interaction
    • Use of @Inject
    • Understand interceptors
    • Understand events
  • Use @Alternative
  • Use @Decorator
  • Apply qualifier
  • Apply producer
  • Apply dispose
  • Setting component and context variable in particular context using CDI APIs
  • Implement the observer or observed pattern using CDI
  • Implement a transactional conversation having in mind the relation between conversations, transactions, and persistence context flushmode
  • JAAS security-related features, including (list not exhaustive)
    • authentication
    • restriction
    • security events
    • bind authentication methods

Access and manage identity information through API

Work with web/JSF components and web navigation

  • Understand Postback lifecycle
  • Use exhaustive navigation capabilities using faces-config
  • Handling of RESTFul approach with JSF2 (viewparam)
  • Use common Richfaces components
  • Configure navigation based on application state
  • Set up JSF input validation
  • Set up JSF input conversion
  • Use Expression Language (EL)
  • Understand message bundle and locales
  • Choose and configure JSF components
  • Efficiently handle exceptions
  • Implement success and error messages

Expose components to external and legacy interfaces

  • Expose components as SOA-style web services
  • Consume SOA-style web services
  • Expose components as Restful services
  • Consume external Restful services
  • Consume external JMS-based messages


  • Set up JAAS
  • Secure methods
  • Secure paths
  • Create an authentication form
  • Set up roles mapping
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