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Starting a Kanban Team (SKT)


Course Content

This 1-day, instructor-led course introduces you to Kanban and the tools used to implement the Kanban method. Agile methodology can take many forms. Even if Scrum is the most common form of Agile implementation, other alternatives are available to teams more oriented toward service, support and continuous delivery. The Kanban development method aims to put your team on a more efficient, flexible and service-oriented axis. In this class you will be empowered to start a Kanban initiative within your work environment and to operate within this model.

Who should attend

All team members of an Agile development process, for example: Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Team leaders and development team members


Familiarity with Agile and Lean concepts.

Course Objectives

  • Lean and Agile principles
  • How to understand and use a Kanban board
  • Key principles for the application of Kanban
  • Cadence and events of the Kanban method
  • Steps for starting a Kanban team

Outline: Starting a Kanban Team (SKT)

  • An update to Agile and Lean
  • Fundamental principles of Kanban
  • How to work with a Kanban board
  • Review of Kanban roles
  • The events and cadence of Kanban
  • Examples of Kanban boards
  • How to start a Kanban team
  • The steps for creating a Kanban board
  • Manage the transition towards Kanban
Classroom Training

Duration 1 day

  • United States: US$ 545
Online Training

Duration 1 day

  • United States: US$ 545

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