Sales Enablement Excel Program (SALES-EX)


Course Content

The Sales Enablement Excel Program is a four-hour virtual workshop for sales professionals that offers insights on booking meetings, building pipeline, and increasing sales growth. A typical engagement goes beyond the four-hour workshop to include sales management coaching. The outcomes we deliver are lead generation, substantial pipeline, and revenue growth. As a small component of the overall sales enablement transformation, this Excel Program aligns with the Prospecting and Discovery pit stops on the road map.

Components of the workshop include:

  • One 4-hour live webinar selling skills training
  • Two thirty-minute live follow up coaching and support webinars
  • One 1-hour live sales manager coaching training webinar

Who should attend

  • Any and all types of sales representatives
  • Channel partner sellers
  • Sales managers
  • Sales enablement professionals
  • Technical overlay team that interacts with customers
  • Marketing staff who want to get in sync with selling skills to improve their collateral, playbooks, battle cards and decks they use to support sales

Course Objectives

  • Get all sellers nation-wide or globally on the same page selling a new solution, a new way, and at the same time
  • Quickly upskill any sales team of any size anywhere on how to talk to more prospects, build more pipeline, and close more sales
  • Help sales and marketing leaders with the new product or solution launches
  • Help add selling skills pop and punch to any SKO
  • Drive measurable pipeline and sales results faster
  • Help get sellers more engaged and improve the quality of their sales activities
  • Get any group of sales professionals trained up to be more effective in their roles quickly
Classroom Training

Duration 4 hours


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