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PowerShell for SharePoint Administrators (55066)

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Course Content

This one-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to use PowerShell to administer SharePoint Servers. Students will learn how to manage day-to-day and automated tasks carried out by SharePoint Administrators.

Who should attend

This course is intended for SharePoint administrators who work in a Windows network environment. At least one year of experience managing SharePoint servers and using PowerShell is recommended.


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Experience working on Windows desktops or servers
  • Experience working in a Windows domain environment
  • Experience Administering SharePoint Servers
  • Fundamental experience with PowerShell or Course 10961B Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell

Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Configure SharePoint Servers using PowerShell
  • Manage SharePoint Server Administration with PowerShell
  • Manage SharePoint Server Maintenance with PowerShell

Outline: PowerShell for SharePoint Administrators (55066)

Module 1: Install and Configure SharePoint Servers with PowerShell
This module demonstrates how to setup SharePoint Server components with PowerShell.


  • Overview
  • Preparing the Server
  • Configure Server Features
  • Configure Prerequisite Applications
  • Install SharePoint Software
  • Configure SharePoint Farm
  • Review

Lab : Configure SharePoint Servers with PowerShell

  • Exercise 1: Preparing the Server
  • Exercise 2: Configure Server Features
  • Exercise 3: Configure Prerequisite Applications
  • Exercise 4: Install SharePoint Software
  • Exercise 5: Configure SharePoint Farm
  • Exercise 6: Installation and Configuration Review (Optional)

Module 2: Administering SharePoint Servers with PowerShell
This module explains how to use PowerShell to administer User and Farm resources in SharePoint.


  • Overview
  • Administering Users and Groups
  • Administering the Farm
  • Administering Shared Services & Features
  • Administering Sites
  • Administering Databases
  • Review

Lab : Administering SharePoint Servers with PowerShell

  • Exercise 1: Administering Users and Groups
  • Exercise 2: Administering the Farm
  • Exercise 3: Administering Shared Services & Features
  • Exercise 4: Administering Sites
  • Exercise 5: Administering Databases
  • Exercise 6: Administration Review (Optional)

Module 3: Maintaining SharePoint Servers with PowerShell
This module explains how to perform maintenance tasks on SharePoint Servers using PowerShell.


  • Overview
  • Managing Backups/Restores
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Managing Notifications
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Review

Lab : Maintaining SharePoint Servers with PowerShell

  • Exercise 1: Managing Backups / Restores
  • Exercise 2: Monitoring and Auditing
  • Exercise 3: Managing Notifications
  • Exercise 4: Scheduling Tasks
  • Exercise 5: Maintenance Review (Optional)
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