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Cisco DNA Center Sales Enablement (SEDNAC)


Course Content

The objective of this course is to teach delegates from our Cisco commercial partners how to position and sell Cisco’s DNA Center solutions such that they deliver positive business outcomes for any customer and consequently form the basis for business transformation and business growth. The course encourages AMs to spot customer requirements and key phrases allowing them to begin the conversation around DNAC and open the door for Cisco sales specialists to assist in closing the opportunity.

Who should attend

This course is for Account Managers and Product Sales Specialists from our partner community selling into the commercial market. This course is not a technical course and therefore, not suitable for engineers, architects, etc.

Course Objectives

  • Be able to articulate the value of Cisco’s DNA Center solutions in helping a customer reach their strategic business objectives.
  • Discuss what we mean by DNA Center and DNA-ready architecture, and what are the likely outcomes that a customer can expect when deploying such solutions
  • Understand Cisco's unique value in the market and how to use it to defeat objections and the competition
  • Provide an overview and positional placement of the key solutions that comprise the DNA portfolio including spotting key customer phrases and requirements, sales motions, etc.
  • Provide the partners with key tools and promotions that will help them sell and support DNA Center solutions and devices that they sell

Outline: Cisco DNA Center Sales Enablement (SEDNAC)

Topic 1 – Why the New Network?

  • What’s driving the market and why is it the perfect time for intent-based networking?
  • Cisco’s view of the market
  • Why should the AM, etc. care?
  • Exercise – Delegates will work individually to define and align customers in their portfolio where the New Network message would resonate and how they would go about starting a conversation.

Topic 2 - High-Level Overview of Cisco DNA Center

  • What do we mean by intent-based networking and how does DNA Center align?
  • How DNA Center works
  • Solution Components and Key Differentiators
    • Management
    • Automation
    • Analytics
    • Security
  • Top 5 reasons DNA Center is the platform for digital business
  • Exercise – Delegates will continue on from the previous exercise and now map their customers specific problems and outcomes to relevant Cisco solutions.

Topic 3 – How to sell meeting solutions

  • Target Markets, Target Customers and Target Stakeholders
  • The DNA Sales Journey
    • Qualify – Spotting key requirements and customer phrases
    • Discover – Identifying opportunities and/or pain points
    • Sales Motion - Selecting the right sales motion
    • Pilot – Setting the agenda and pilot
    • Deploy and Adopt – Designing, deploying and support customer adoption
  • Customer Outcomes and Conversation Starters
    • DNA Ready Infrastructure led motion
    • Security and Policy led motion
    • Automation led motion
    • Assurance led motion
  • Exercise: Each delegate will prepare a customer profile - identifying key users, their problems and then mapping this to desired outcomes and then specific sales motions.

Topic 4 – Supporting the sale

  • DNA Licensing
    • DNA Premier
    • DNA Advantage
    • DNA Essentials
  • Where to position DNA Licensing
  • Case studies
  • Competition & Competitive differentiators
  • Partner tools, resources and promotions

Topic 5 – Summary

  • Call to Action
  • Summary
Classroom Training Onsite

Duration 4 hours

Online Training Onsite

Duration 4 hours


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