Internet of Things Security SE Workshop – Utilities Vertical (IOTSS-UTL)

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Industrial Control systems (ICS), SCADA and OT networks operating within regulated Utility environments are held accountable to ever stringent NIST and NERC-CIP guidelines and mandates. This stems from the broader Smart Grid initiatives pervading the Utilities Industry. The next evolution in the Smart Grid story is the emergence of IT/OT Convergence, driving migration away from proprietary protocols to common TCP/IP network infrastructures. This shift does not come without consequences: ICS/OT critical infrastructure environments are more than ever susceptible to a greater range of security threats and attacks.
Fast Lane’s Internet of Things Security SE Workshop – Utilities Vertical is an immersive program for Cisco’s valued partners, providing a detailed understanding of the unique security challenges within ICS/OT Utility environments and the corresponding mitigating strategies. Participants will understand how to design and articulate a zero-trust security architecture vision leveraging Cisco’s comprehensive security portfolio, including the Next Generation ASA Firewall services running FirePOWER services and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP). Additionally, they will gain a deep understanding on how to align and address the relevant security use cases from Cisco’s IoT Portfolio specific to the Utilities vertical.

Who should attend

Upon completion of Fast Lane’s Internet of Things Security SE Enablement – Utilities Vertical, Cisco security professionals will gain a fundamental understanding on how to develop a zero trust security model within an IT/OT Converged ICS/OT environment, incorporating the very latest in Cisco’s IoT Portfolio of security solutions.


  • Participants should have a CCNP Security or the equivalent in experience
  • Complete the Industrial Control Systems Fundamentals for Network Engineers (ICINS) E-Learning
  • Complete the Internet of Things Sales Engineer Workshop – Utilities Program.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the differences between the security requirements in an ICS/OT environment versus a traditional IT environment, as it pertains to the growing trend of IT/OT Convergence within Utilities
  • Understand how NERC-CIP, NIST and other Utility specific regulations impact Design, Deployment and Operations of ICS/OT environments within the Utilities Vertical.
  • Gain foundational knowledge of the IoT Security Architecture Framework and the Zero-Trust Security Architecture model across lifecycle phases for ICS/OT environments
  • Build a Bill of Materials (BOM) for an IT/OT Converged Security implementation
  • Practice an IoT Security customer conversation

Outline: Internet of Things Security SE Workshop – Utilities Vertical (IOTSS-UTL)

Module 1: Introduction to ICS/OT Security

Objective: Understanding the current security model and regulatory guidelines governing Utilities

  • Current security model within ICS/OT Utilities Vertical
  • Differences in Security Requirements between OT and IT
  • Why the traditional OT Security Framework is not a viable security enabling option
  • Overview of Compliance and Regulatory (such NERC-CIP and NIST) standards, mandates and Guidelines on ICS/OT environment specific to Utilities

Module 2: Understand the Zero-Trust IoT Model for ICS/OT environments

Module Objective: Understand how the Cisco Portfolio of Security Solutions can deliver an IT/OT converged Zero-Trust ICS/OT environment for Utilities

  • Deep dive into the Zero Trust IT/OT Converged Security Model within security zones:
    • Data Center
    • Control Center
    • Field Aggregation Network
    • Substation Network
    • Automated Metering Infrastructure Network
  • Understand the IoT Security Lifecycle Service delivery structure around:
    • Planning
    • Design
    • Testing
    • Commissioning
    • Operating
  • Understand the IoT Security Risk Control Framework for IT/OT Converged environments
    • NIST Risk Management Framework
    • Asset Inventory and Management
    • PCN Access and Control
    • System Patches
    • Security Log Collection and Management
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Backup and Restore
  • Explore the role of an Integrated Security Operations Center (ISOC) Role for IT/OT Converged environments in Utilities
    • Functional Blocks
    • Integration Methodology
  • Explore the relevant Use Cases and their References

Module 3: IoT Security Case Study Workshop

Module Objective: Understand the Cisco Portfolio of Security Solutions and their use cases within Utilities

  • Facilitated Application Workshops: Group Activity: Customer Role-play— highlighting relevant Cisco IoT Security solutions and the business benefit to the customer; articulating the technical and business value of the Cisco IoT Security Solutions
  • Self-Directed Workshop: Exercise using Zero Trust IT/OT Converged Security Model to build a Bill of Materials (BOM)
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