Selling Next Generation Hyperconvergence with HyperFlex Systems (HFS)


Course Content

The objective of this course is to teach delegates how to position and sell Cisco’s HyperFlex hyperconverged solution such that it delivers positive business outcomes for any customer and consequently forms the basis for business transformation and business growth.

Extensive exercises are used to re-inforce the material taught and delegates should bring a laptop/tablet with which to conduct research and complete exercises.

Who should attend

The ideal audience are Partner Account Managers, Business Development Managers and other business professionals who would like to understand and position Cisco’s HyperFlex solutions in the market today.

Course Objectives

  • Understand Cisco HyperFlex and how it fits with existing solutions such as UCS, ACI, Converged Infrastructures and alternative hyperconverged solutions
  • Be able to articulate the value of Cisco HyperFlex in helping a customer reach their strategic business objectives.
  • How to sell using ‘positive business outcomes’ rather than ‘features and benefits’
  • Use business outcomes and HyperFlex business themes to progress a customer’s ‘digital ready’ strategy
  • Understand Cisco’s unique value in the market and how to use it to defeat objections and the competition
  • Ensure a ‘business-first’ and ‘digital ready’ approach when selling and positioning Cisco HyperFlex

Outline: Selling Next Generation Hyperconvergence with HyperFlex Systems (HFS)

Topic 1 - Everything you need to know about the Hyperconvergence Market!

  • Converged Infrastructure Types
  • What is Hyperconvergence
  • Where is Hyperconvergence today?
  • New IT Operating Models
  • How Hot is this Market? (market stats, etc)
  • Existing Players in this Market
    • Nutanix, SimpliVity, EMC VxRail, HPE, etc
  • First Generation to Next Generation Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)
    • Scaling & Performance (dedup, optimization, etc)
    • Networking
    • ntegration & Management
  • Next Generation Data Platform Benefits
    • Software-defined compute, storage and networking
  • ASAP Data Center examined
  • Video – Introducing HyperFlex
  • Exercise – How might HCI trends resonate with customers

Topic 2 – Cisco HyperFlex Overview

  • HyperFlex Anatomy
  • HyperFlex Components
    • HyperFlex HX Data Platform
    • Inside HX Data Platform Node
    • HX File System
    • HyperFlex HX-series Nodes
    • HCI with Converged Fabric Networking
  • Cluster Configuration Options

Topic 3 – HyperFlex Differentiators

  • How is HyperFlex different
  • Integrating into an existing infrastructure
  • Simplified operations with HCI and CI working together
  • Dynamic Data Distribution
  • Simplified Scaling
    • Independent Infrastructure Scaling
    • Scaling-out
  • Integrated Management & Data Services
  • HyperFlex Connect
  • End-to-End Deployment Automation
  • UCS Fabric Architecture with HyperFlex

Topic 4 – HyperFlex Edge for the Branch and SMB

  • Shifting Business Landscape and new application demands
  • IT Operations at the Edge
  • HyperFlex Edge solution
  • From the Core to the Edge – positioning

Topic 5 – HyperFlex as part of a Complete Data Center Strategy

  • One Architecture for Operational Simplicity
  • Cisco UCS Director with HyperFlex
  • Cisco CloudCenter with HyperFlex
    • Delivering a Cloud Experience
    • Capacity Optimisation
    • HyperFlex with CloudcCenter Use-Cases
  • Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) with HyperFlex
  • HyperFlex with Cisco Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS) and ACI
  • HyperFlex Data Protection with Veeam

Topic 6 – HyperFlex Value Proposition

  • HyperFlex Technology Value
  • HyperFlex Economic Value
  • What This Means to the Partner
  • Partner enablement including Partner Incentives & Promotions overview
  • Exercise: Evaluating the market opportunity for HyperFlex
  • HyperFlex Technology Value

Topic 7 – How to Position HyperFlex with Customers

  • Customer challenges
  • Business Outcome Focused
  • 5 key HyperFlex benefits to focus on
  • Where HyperFlex fits and where it doesn’t
  • Primary HyperFlex Use-Cases
  • Positioning HyperFlex
  • Who to have the conversation with
  • Selling to existing customers
  • The incremental Opportunity
  • HyperFlex is business relevant
  • Success stories and case-studies
  • Exercise: Account Planning

Topic 8 – Competition and Objection Handling

  • 5 things the competition would love to be able to do
  • Competing with xxx
  • Exercise: Differentiating yourself

Topic 8 – Summary and Additional Resources

  • Partner Call-to-Action
  • HyperFlex Sales Kit & Launch Hub
  • HyperFlex Partner Resources.
Classroom Training Onsite

Duration 1 day


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