Penetration Testing (ECSA/LPT) Boot Camp (ECSALPTBC)

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For CEH-certified security professionals aiming for ECSA certification and LPT licensure, this course is the natural next step.


The ECSA Certification The objective of ECSA (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst Certification training) is to add value to experienced security professionals by helping them analyze the outcomes of their tests. ECSA leads you into the advanced stages of ethical hacking.

The ECSA program educates individuals in the analysis of outcomes from hacking technologies and tools. To achieve the ECSA certification, you must pass exam 412-79, which covers interpreting and analyzing outcomes you come across during routine and exceptional security testing.

The LPT Licensure The objective of a LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester) training is to ensure that each professional licensed by EC-Council follows a strict code of ethics, is exposed to the best practices in the domain of penetration testing, and is aware of all compliance requirements required by the industry.

To become an EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester, you must meet the following requirements in addition to attending Fast Lane’s authorized EC-Council LPT training:

  • Achieve Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification.
  • Achieve EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) certification.
  • Complete LPT Training Criteria:
    • Fill out LPT Application form.
    • A training source agreement approval should be endorsed by the sponsoring agency.

Who should attend

  • CEH-certified security professionals aiming for ECSA certification and LPT licensure


  • Candidates must have extensive experience with Windows® and/or Unix/Linux operating systems, along with comprehensive knowledge of TCP/IP and networking
  • To achieve the LPT designation, you must also meet the following requirements:
    • Achieve Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification
    • Achieve EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) certification

Course Objectives

Upon the completion of Fast Lane’s Penetration Testing (ECSA/LPT) Boot Camp, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the latest exploit goals and methodologies
  • Implement advanced information-gathering techniques
  • Use expert network discovery tools and techniques
  • Identify and exploit architectural weaknesses
  • Enumerate network devices, platforms, and protocols
  • Crack contemporary authentication and authorization
  • Engage in advanced router, firewall and IDS testing
  • Exploit IPS
  • Perform vulnerability research and automated scanning within the enterprise
  • Describe the anatomy of root kits, Trojans, malware, and viruses
  • Demonstrate mastery of Web application testing
  • Exploit complex protocols, such as SSH, SSL, and IPSEC
  • Use payload generators
  • Implement advanced wireless testing tools and techniques
  • Penetration test “Social Engineering”
  • Understand penetration testing's place within the law


What’s included?

Only Fast Lane’s ECSA / LPT Dual Certification Boot Camp offers you the following benefits:

  • Five days of intense immersion training and certification
  • Training by the company that originally developed the ECSA
  • Fast Lane is an EC- Council Authorized Training Partner
  • Training by real field-tested pen testers and EC-Council Security Instructor of the Year recipients
  • Voucher for the ECSA Certification
  • Our ECSA/LPT Boot Camp contains both official EC-Council and our proprietary courseware
  • Fast Lane’s up-to-date practice tests
  • Training towards the LPT licensure (you will be required to complete licensure steps independently, but the training fulfills requirements)
  • Llunch, beverages and snacks all day long
  • Day and night lab and instructor access
  • On-site certification testing
  • Five CDs full of cutting-edge hacker/auditor tools, including:
    • CD of BackTrack, the premier hacking platform
    • Vampireware: a Security Testing Framework
  • Pre-class access to our ECSA/LPT Prep Portal
    • Online access to resource materials
    • Pre-class reading assignments
    • Security tool downloads
    • Access to the ECSA/LPT Student Forum on the Community Site
  • Greater industry acceptance as seasoned security professional. Industry acceptance as a legal and ethical security professional
  • A comprehensive walk-through of what it takes to perform an actual pen test: from scoping to reporting
  • EC-Council's endorsement as a Licensed Penetration Testing professional allows you to practice as a penetration testing consultant internationally
  • Access to proprietary EC-Council software, templates and penetration testing methodologies
  • License to practice and conduct security testing in organizations accredited by EC-Council

Outline: Penetration Testing (ECSA/LPT) Boot Camp (ECSALPTBC)


Module 1: The Need for Security Analysis
Module 2: Advanced Googling
Module 3: TCP/IP Packet Analysis
Module 4: Advanced Sniffing Techniques
Module 5: Vulnerability Analysis with Nessus
Module 6: Advanced Wireless Testing


Module 7: Designing a DMZ
Module 8: Snort Analysis
Module 9: Log Analysis
Module 10: Advanced Exploits and Tools


Module 11: Penetration Testing Methodologies
Module 12: Customers and Legal Agreements
Module 13: Penetration Testing Planning and Scheduling
Module 14: Pre-Penetration Testing Checklist
Module 15: Information Gathering
Module 16: Vulnerability Analysis
Module 17: External Penetration Testing
Module 18: Internal Network Penetration Testing
Module 19: Router Penetration Testing


Module 20: Firewall Penetration Testing
Module 21: IDS Penetration Testing
Module 22: Wireless Network Penetration Testing
Module 23: Denial of Service Penetration Testing
Module 24: Password Cracking Penetration Testing
Module 25: Social Engineering Penetration Testing
Module 26: Stolen Laptop Penetration Testing
Module 27: Application Penetration Testing
Module 28: Physical Security Penetration Testing


Module 29: Database Penetration Testing
Module 30: VoIP Penetration Testing
Module 31: VPN Penetration Testing
Module 32: Penetration Testing Report Analysis
Module 33: Penetration Testing Report and Documentation Writing
Module 34: Penetration Testing Deliverables and Conclusion
Module 35: Ethics of a Licensed Penetration Tester


Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 5 days

  • United States: US$ 3,245
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Online Training
Modality: L
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