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Who should attend

Government employees, contractors and all information management and information assurance professionals involved in the certification and accreditation process.


This is NOT a Certification Boot Camp; however, the training provided does meet some of the key objectives of the ISSEP and CAP certifications by (ISC)2.

Class Prerequisites

Basic familiarity with Information systems is required.

What You Will Learn

You will learn DIACAP processes, requirements, players (responsibilities, roles, motivations, and decision-making styles), and how to present and sell the results to gain necessary security resources. You will also learn why it is a personal and professional advantage to do a DIACAP of an IT system.

In addition, this informative, non-technical boot camp will provide:

  • Explanation of the requirement and directives
  • Descriptions of DIACAP
  • Identification of available guidelines
  • Effective strategies for conducting efficient DIACAP Accreditations
  • Knowledge to use the results to support organizational and personal objectives


What’s included?

With literally DECADES of documented experience on complex accreditation engagements, the Fast Lane expert instructor core is ready to guide you with effective and pragmatic approaches for performing DIACAP-based projects.

Our DIACAP Boot Camp offers outstanding benefits, including:

  • Dealing with transitioning to DIACAP head on
  • Cost-effective security with minimal performance impact
  • How to create organization-wide motivation for IT security
  • Exposure to the C&A process and types of risk assessments
  • Awareness of strategies for controlling these efforts and gaining additional resources
  • Preparing you to meet FISMA requirements while managing IT systems more effectively, efficiently, and securely
  • Lunch, beverages and afternoon snacks

Outline: DIACAP Boot Camp (DIACAPBC)

Day 1

DIACAP Background

  • The evolution of DIACAP
  • DIACAP knowledge service
  • Laws, directives, regulations, professional, and personal
  • The similarities and differences between DITSCAP and DIACAP
  • Information Systems Security Engineering

DIACAP Activities

  • Overview of the activities
  • Explanation of the various activities
  • What’s in a DIACAP package
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Business approach
  • Security functions: confidentiality, integrity, availability (Mission Assurance Category (MAC) and confidentiality level)
  • Identity the business domains and security requirements (DoD 8500.2)

Day 2

DIACAP Activities and Workflow Activity 1 – Initiate and Plan IA C&A

  • Registering the System with DoD Component with IA Program
  • Assign IA Controls
  • Assemble DIACAP Team
  • Initiate DIACAP Implementation Plan

Activity 2 – Implement and Validate Assigned IA Controls

  • Execute DIACAP Implementation Plan
  • Validation Activities
  • Supporting Documentation for Certification
  • Compile Validation Results in DIACAP Scorecard

Day 3

Activity 3 – Make Certification Determination and Accreditation Decision

  • Make Certification Determination
  • Issue Accreditation Decision
  • Management tools for non-compliance tracking and reporting
  • Maintain Situational Awareness
  • Maintain IA Posture
  • FISMA Compliance
  • Reviews (Annual IA Control)
  • Annual Reporting
  • Re-accreditation

Activity 4 – Decommissioning

  • Address disposition of DIACAP registration information
  • Address disposition of system data or objects in GiG

Activity 5 – DIACAP Review Session

Activity 6 – DIACAP Quiz for Course Certification

Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 3 days

  • United States: US$ 1,575
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Online Training
Modality: L
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