COMING SOON: Cisco CyberSecurity Sales Training (CCST)


Course Content

This 3-day workshop will cover the sales concepts that need to be understood by the security sales team for effective selling into the CxO group and their teams. Concepts such as Cybersecurity Frameworks are introduced as well as an introduction of the Cisco SAFE security methodology. Business and relational realities when selling to executives is covered from a job-position approach. This is culminated with a group exercise in presenting a solution to an executive with instructor and class critique. The attendees will learn, be able to ask questions, and provide feedback in this exercise. Days 2 and 3 will cover the Cisco SAFE security methodology and will be a growth experience in being able to identity the actual core components required to secure business workflows in any place in the network whether it the cloud, datacenter, remote branch, main campus, etc. The training will culminate in an individual exercise in the running through the initial SAFE processes and performing a Gap analysis of their choosing. This will be individually critiqued by the instructor providing feedback and guidance for an effective personal learning experience.

Who should attend

  • Account Managers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Cybersecurity Sales Specialists
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Technical Solution Architects


Prior to the training, each attendee will need to have completed:

  • Cisco employees are expected to have Stage I and all Stage II completed. Content and Quiz (https://salesconnect.cisco.com/#/program/PAGE-11528)
  • Partners are required to have Stage I and at least 1 competency of Stage II of the Fire Jumper for AM (Sales) training: Network Security, Advanced Threat, Visibility & Enforcement, Cloud, Web & Email

Customers should have a good working knowledge of the following areas:

  • Networking fundamentals
  • Security concept fundamentals
  • Routing and switching concepts
  • Cisco Security products functional awareness
  • Cisco Business OUTCOMES

Course Objectives

In this Fast Lane 3-day course, you will learn and practice the following topics:

  • A Listing of Cybersecurity compliance trends (SANS Top 20, Forrester, ISO 27000, NIST).
  • An introduction and overview of Zero-Trust (ZT) and an example of applying ZT Concepts
  • Introduction to the Cisco SAFE Architecture (AM/Sales Level) factors affecting productive cybersecurity sales discussions
  • Techniques for growing the relationship into a Trusted Advisor role
  • Coverage of the Cisco SAFE Workflow process and Worksheets.
  • Equipping the attendee with the skills and resources needed to facilitate a Cisco SAFE AM Workshop including how to perform a SAFE Gap Analysis with their customers.
  • Each attendee will participate in a scenario that requires them to create and present a Place In Network (PIN) diagram and walk through the SAFE progression for that PIN.
  • Additionally, coaching from the instructor will be provided during this piece and each attendee will leave the scenario session with the tools needed to introduce the Cisco SAFE architecture discussion into any engagement.
Classroom Training

Duration 3 days


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