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Building a Cisco Hybrid IT Cloud Service Practice (BHCSP)

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Course Content

This course takes a consultative approach to assisting Cisco Partners develop an action plan to build a Hybrid IT cloud services practice.

Who should attend

  • Sales Directors, Sales Managers, Business Development Managers, Account Managers, Account Directors, Professional Service Managers, Consultants and Product Sales Specialists
    • Who need to introduce Hybrid IT Cloud Services into their current portfolio of solutions
  • Individuals who are looking for a better understanding of a cloud-based service delivery model
    • In particular, those who are transitioning to cloud based solutions, and need to understand how in practice to do this


  • Solid understanding of Cloud and Fast IT trends and concepts covered in !FL-FITAA

Course Objectives

  • Provide a blueprint for Cisco partners transitioning their business from a product reseller model to include annuity-based revenue
  • Provide guidance on business transformation best practices for key business functions; business model building, marketing, sales, operations and services
  • Support partners in the development of an action plan to transform their business to a cloud-based model

Outline: Building a Cisco Hybrid IT Cloud Service Practice (BHCSP)

  • Module 1: Demystifying Cisco’s Cloud Strategy
    • The Relevance of Hybrid Cloud
    • Cisco Intercloud - the Ultimate Hybrid Cloud
      • Components of an Intercloud (Key Players)
      • Stages of Intercloud (What’s available today!)
      • The Intercloud Fabric
        • Key Attributes
        • Value Proposition
        • Example Use Cases (Dev/Test & Capacity Augmentation)
        • Competitive Differentiation
      • Intercloud Prices and Packages
    • Examples of Existing Hybrid IT Services (tailored to Geo)
    • Partner Roles in the Cloud EcoSystem
      • The Old and New CMSP
        • Offer Based Program and Intercloud Providers
    • CMSP Benefits
    • Cloud GTM Models
      • Partner Roles – Provider, Aggregator and Reseller
      • Cloud Service delivery with Resellers
      • Cloud Service Delivery with Distributors
  • Module 2: Why Should You Care About Cloud?
    • Hybrid IT Opportunities
      • Primary Market Drivers for Cloud
      • Primary Business Drivers for Cloud
    • What’s the Cloud to You (Video)
    • Certification Portfolio
      • New Certification Requirements
      • Hybrid IT Options
        • Cisco Services (cloud and managed)
        • Cisco-Powered Services (cloud and managed)
        • Cisco Partner Created Services
        • Examples of Hybrid IT services
      • Key Evolution Dates
  • Module 3: Transforming Your Business to Cloud
    • 7 Stages to Hybrid IT Readiness
      • Hybrid IT Practice Enablement
    • Stages 1 & 2 : Awareness, Commitment and Service Creation
      • Define your Business Model & Hybrid IT Services Role
      • Operational Impact of a Hybrid IT Model
      • Monetizing the Cloud
      • Examine Deal Economics and Impact
        • Revenue Impact
        • Margin Impact
        • P&L Impact
      • Business Model Summary
      • Exercise: Economic impact of making this change to your business model strategy
    • Stages 3 & 4 : Got-to-Market Strategy
      • The Profile of a Cloud Buyer
      • Marketing Impact
        • New Customer Marketing
        • Marketing to Existing Customers
      • Exercise: Cloud marketing strategy
    • Stages 5 & 6 : Lead Generation and Sales
      • Sales Implications of Hybrid IT
        • Sales Model
        • Sales Process
        • Sales Team Mix
        • Sales Compensation
      • Exercise: Sales strategy, practice, and compensation.
    • Stage 7 : Building a Professional Services Practice
      • Revisiting Your Services Strategy
      • Examples of Typical Offerings
      • Where to Start and How to Delivery
      • Packaged Service Offerings
    • Exercise: Service strategy and which services will be delivered and how they will be delivered.
  • Module 4: Continued Development
    • Driving Change, Drives Success
    • Partner Sales Force Development
      • Evaluation and Planning with Cisco
      • Quarterly Reviews with Cisco
    • Deal Reviews and Coaching Sessions
  • Summary
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