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Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches v3.0 (DCMDSV3.0)


Course Content

The Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches (DCMDS) v3.0 course shows you how to implement, manage, and troubleshoot Cisco® MDS 9000 Series Switches, to build highly available, scalable storage networks. Through expert instruction and extensive hands-on practice, you will learn how to deploy and use capabilities such as virtual storage area networks (VSANs), Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), N-Port Virtualization (NPV) fabric security, zoning, automation with NX-API, Slow Drain Analysis, Fibre Channel over TCP/IP (FCIP) tunnels, and more. You will learn how to configure and implement platform features and learn troubleshooting techniques pertaining to Fibre Channel (FC) domains, firmware upgrades, zones, and zone mergers.

Course Benefits:

  • Learn how to deploy and troubleshoot the Cisco Nexus® 9000 Series Switches to support performance, resiliency, scalability, and enhanced operations for data centers
  • Gain knowledge and skills through Cisco’s unique combination of lessons and hands-on practice using enterprise-grade Cisco learning technologies, data center equipment, and software
  • Succeed in today’s demanding data center operations roles

Who should attend

  • Data center systems engineers
  • Data center field engineers
  • Data center architects
  • Technical decision makers
  • Network architects
  • Cisco integrators and partners


To fully benefit from this course, you should have the following knowledge and skills:

  • Basic understanding of data storage hardware components and protocols, including Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) and Fibre Channel
  • Basic understanding of network protocols, including Ethernet and IP
  • Basic routing and switching knowledge

Recommended Cisco courses that can help you meet these prerequisites:

Course Objectives

  • Discover and describe the Cisco Multilayer Director Switch (MDS) platform of multilayer switches and directors. Describe the MDS hardware, NX-OS operating system, Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) management software, and key architectures of the platform, such as FC and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
  • Describe key product features of the MDS platform, including VSANs, RBAC, NPV, port channels, zoning, device aliases, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and fabric security
  • Configure and implement the Cisco MDS switches and platform features, such has initial configuration, building a fabric, building a SAN extension, and configuring inter-VSAN routing for that purpose
  • Configure FCIP tunnels
  • Resolve issues and troubleshoot FC domains, zones and zone merges, and switch boot and firmware upgrades

Outline: Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches v3.0 (DCMDSV3.0)

Module 1: Describing Cisco MDS Platform

  • MDS platform of multilayer switches and directors
  • NS-OS operating system
  • DCNM management software
  • Platform key architectures (FC and FCoE)

Module 2: Describing Key Product Features

  • FSAN
  • RBAC
  • NPV
  • Port channels
  • Zoning
  • Device aliases
  • IVR
  • Fabric security

Module 3: Describing New Product Features

  • 32-GB fibre channel
  • Slow drain analysys
  • Analytics and SAN telemetry streaming
  • Cisco secure boot

Module 4: Deploying Cisco MDS Features

  • Configure MDS switches
  • Fabric building
  • SAN extension
  • Configure inter-VSAN routing
  • Configure FCIP tunnels

Module 5: Troubleshooting Common Cisco MDS Issues

  • FC domains
  • Zones
  • Zone merges
  • Switch boot
  • Firmware upgrades

Lab Outline

  • Discovery 1: Set Up DCNM
  • Discovery 2: Explore DCNM-SAN Client and DCNM Device Manager
  • Discovery 3: Configure and Use RBAC
  • Discovery 4: Configure and Use RBAC with DCNM-SAN Client and Device Manager
  • Discovery 5: Manage VSANs and FC Domain
  • Discovery 6: Configure NPV and N-Port Identification Virtualization (NPIV)
  • Discovery 7: Configure Interfaces
  • Discovery 8: Configure Device Aliases and Zoning
  • Discovery 9: Explore and Automate with NX-API
  • Discovery 10: Perform Slow Drain Analysis with Cisco DCNM
  • Discovery 11: Configure FCIP Tunnels and FCIP High Availability (HA)
  • Discovery 12: Configure IVR for SAN Extension
  • Discovery 13: Troubleshoot Zoning and Zone Merges
Classroom Training

Duration 4 days

  • United States: US$ 4,295
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 43 CLC
Online Training

Duration 4 days

  • United States: US$ 4,295
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 43 CLC
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