Business & IT Convergence - Engaging the Stakeholder (BIC-ESH)

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Rapidly changing environments require a new sales style. Besides acquiring increased knowledge about technologies, account teams must learn and apply new practices and skills to resonate with stakeholders outside of IT.

Account teams are challenged by an ongoing transformation:
1. Business & IT converge: IT is no longer supporting infrastructure only but is becoming the strategic platform for any organizations development. Infrastructure and applications must be aligned with corporate strategy in order to contribute significant value.
2. More and more IT budget is allocated outside the IT department due to business requirements. Beyond plain technical features, the functionality and value of complex IT solutions must be “translated“ into business terms.
3. As investments into IT are growing, managers ask for financial returns, value creation and other measures of success. IT investments must be linked with strategic and operative goals.

The second course of our transformative education program is addressing the Tell, Show & Resonate phase and is focusing on skills required to communicate and resonate with business stakeholders (C-level, line of business managers etc.). It enables participants to apply communication and presentation techniques in combination with storytelling in order to present the value of technology in front of business stakeholders. It also covers how to integrate business-led demonstration routines into the sales process.

Another key element of this training is identifying the care-about and needs of various business stakeholders in customer organization and how partners can successfully approach them and have meaningful conversation.

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Who should attend

Key Account Manager, Account Manager, Sales Team Leader, Business Development Manager

Class Prerequisites

It is recommended that you have attended one of the following courses:

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:
  • Approach business stakeholders and having a meaningful conversation
  • Apply communication techniques required for managing C-Level conversations
  • Use SPIN (Situation-Problem-Implication-Need) to evaluate the stakeholders need
  • Use storytelling to carry the value of transformative architectures to non-IT-manager
  • Create a powerful business-led presentation focusing on the customers’ business and your unique value proposition
  • Build a presentation routine and demonstrate the key advantages of your solution

Outline: Business & IT Convergence - Engaging the Stakeholder (BIC-ESH)

Communication Basics
  • What is communication?
  • The different levels of a message
  • Understand the elements of communication
  • Questioning techniques
  • Listening techniques
  • How to master active listening
  • Avoid pitfalls and manage conflict
  • Applying communication basics
SPIN – Finding the Need of Stakeholders
  • Uncovering and developing customer needs
  • Understand the SPIN® model
  • Apply questioning techniques along SPIN
  • Obtaining commitment
Storytelling Basics
  • Storytelling as a powerful way of communication
  • Powerpoint is not storytelling: the relevance of stories in sales
  • The structure and elements of a good story – what does the hero journey teach us?
  • Building personality: some stories a good sales person must be able to tell
  • Practice storytelling in sales
Presence and Presentation Techniques
  • The pillars of a good presentation
  • Building a compelling presentation with F.R.A.K.T.A.L.
  • Telling a story with presentation
  • Becoming a good presenter and gain presence
  • Align speech, content and presentation style
  • Master the audience
  • Seeing is believing: developing demonstration routines
  • How to develop a powerful demonstration
Approaching the C-Level
  • The world of the C-Level executive
  • Speaking the Language of business
  • Accessing the executive level
  • Obtaining executive-level sponsorships
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 3 days

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