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Implementing Microsoft Exchange on NetApp Storage Systems (MSEXC)

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Lab Topology

Lab Exercises

Lab 1-1 View the Exchange 2010 server implementation
Lab 1-2 View the Exchange 2010 Mailboxes
Lab 1-3 Send an email message
Lab 1-4 Create a two-member DAG
Lab 2-1 Use the IMT
Lab 2-2 Use the Microsoft sizing tool
Lab 2-3 Calculate aggregate, volume and LUN layout
Lab 3-1 Prepare for iSCSI connectivity between SnapDrive and storage systems
Lab 3-2 (Optional) Allow OnCommand System Manager firewall access
Lab 3-3 Install and configure SnapDrive for Windows
Lab 3-4 Install SnapManager for Exchange on MB1
Lab 3-5 Verify settings for primary and secondary aggregates
Lab 3-6 Create volumes on the primary storage system
Lab 3-7 Create Qtrees to contain LUNs
Lab 3-8 Use SnapDrive to create LUNs to contain Microsoft Exchange data
Lab 3-9 Move MB1 Mailbox Server data to NetApp storage
Lab 3-10 Move MB2 Mailbox Server data to NetApp storage (repeat task 6)
Lab 4-1 Start Microsoft LoadGen
Lab 4-2 Perform a VOL move using OnCommand System Manager
Lab 4-3 Perform Rapid Reseed using PowerShell script
Lab 5-1 Configure the Database Availability Group (DAG)
Lab 5-2 Back up the database using SnapManager for Exchange
Lab 5-3 Restore Microsoft Exchange data using SnapManager for Exchange
Lab 6-1 Setting up SnapMirror relationships
Lab 6-2 Update a SnapMirror destination using SnapDrive for Windows
Lab 6-3 Set up SnapMirror automatic updates using SnapManager for Exchange
Lab 7-1 Using SnapManager to create a Protection Manager Datasets
Lab 7-2 Adding login credentials and granting SnapVault host access
Lab 7-3 Adding a resource pool to Protection Manager
Lab 7-4 Scheduling backup operations
Lab 7-5 Using SnapManager to create a Protection Manager Dataset
Lab 8-1 Install Single Mailbox Recovery
Lab 8-2 Delete Exchange mailbox items
Lab 8-3 Connect a drive to a SnapVault backup to access an .edb archive
Lab 8-4 Restore Exchange mailbox items
Lab 8-5 Using the Find tool
Lab 9-1 Review a number of common root causes
Lab 9-2 Locate the SnapManager for Exchange operation reports