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Implementing and Managing Windows 10 (20697-1)

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Lab Topology

Lab: Navigating and Customizing the User Interface
  • Navigating Windows 10
  • Configuring the Start Menu
  • Configuring the Desktop
Lab: Installing Windows 10
  • Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Migrating User Settings
Lab: Configuring Windows 10
  • Using Settings
  • Using Control Panel
  • Using Windows PowerShell
  • Using GPOs
Lab: Synchronizing Settings with OneDrive
  • Connecting a Microsoft Account
  • Synchronizing Settings between Devices
Lab: Configuring Network Connectivity
  • Configuring IP Settings Manually
  • Configuring Automatic IP Settings
  • Configuring DNS Settings
  • Testing Name Resolution
Lab: Managing Storage
  • Adding a Disk
  • Creating a Simple Volume
  • Compressing a Folder
  • Enabling Disk Quotas
  • Creating a Storage Space
Lab: Creating, Securing, and Sharing a Folder
  • Creating and Securing a Data Folder
  • Sharing the Data Folder
Lab: Enabling Work Folders

Lab: Installing and Sharing a Printer

Lab: Installing and Updating Apps from the Windows Store
  • Installing Apps from the Windows Store
  • Updating Windows Store Apps
  • Controlling Access to the Windows Store
  • Sideloading an App
Lab: Configuring Windows 10 Web Browsers

Lab: Managing Data Security
  • Using EFS
  • Using BitLocker
Lab: Managing Device Security
  • Creating Security Policies
  • Testing Security Policies
  • Configuring UAC Prompts
Lab: Managing Network Security
  • Creating and Testing Inbound Rules
  • Creating and Testing Outbound Rules
  • Creating and Testing Connection Security Rules
  • Configuring Windows Defender
Lab: Maintaining Windows 10
  • Configuring Updates for a Single Device
  • Configuring Updates with GPOs
  • Using the Action Center
  • Monitoring Events
  • Monitoring Reliability and Performance
Lab: Troubleshooting and Recovery
  • Installing an Updated Device Driver
  • Rolling Back the Device Driver
  • Using File History to Recover Files
  • Using Previous Versions to Recover Files
  • Recovering a Device with a Restore Point
  • Using the Advanced Start-up Options to Recover a Device