Advanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell (10962)


Lab Topology

  • Lab: Converting a Command into an Advanced Function
  • Lab: Creating a Script Module
  • Lab: Defining Parameter Attributes and Input Validation
  • Lab: Writing Functions that use Multiple Objects
  • Lab: Writing Functions that Accept Pipeline Input
  • Lab: Producing Complex Function Output
  • Lab: Documenting Functions by using Content-Based Help
  • Lab: Supporting -Whatif and -Confirm
  • Lab: Using .NET Framework in Windows PowerShell
  • Lab: Writing Controller Scripts that Display a User Interface
    • Write Functions to be Used in the Controller Script
    • Write a Controller Script that Implements a Text-Based Menu
  • Lab: Handling Errors in a Script
  • Lab: Reading, Manipulating and Writing Data in XML
    • Test the Provided Tools
    • Update an XML Inventory Document
  • Lab: Creating and Deploying a DSC Configuration
    • Write, Run and Push a DSC Configuration
  • Lab: Analyzing and Debugging and Existing Script