NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA): ONTAP Cluster Data Or ONTAP 7-Mode (NCDA)

NetApp Certified Data Administrators have proven skills in performing in-depth support, administrative functions, and performance management for NetApp storage controllers running the Data ONTAP® operating system in NFS and Windows® (CIFS) multiprotocol environments. They are able to implement high availability controller configurations. They also have detailed knowledge of SnapMirror®, SnapRestore®, and SnapVault®, which they use to manage and protect mission-critical data.

Candidates for NCDA (NetApp Certified Data Administrator) certification should have at least six to 12 months of field experience implementing and administering NetApp® data storage solutions in multiprotocol environments. In addition, candidates taking the NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP Cluster Data exam should know how to implement HA controller configurations, SyncMirror® software for rapid data recovery, or ONTAP® Cluster Data solutions with either single- or multi-node configurations.

Recommended Training for NetApp Certified 7-Mode Data Administrator exam NS0-155:

Recommended Training for NetApp Certified Data Administrator, Clustered Data ONTAP exam NS0-158:

NS0-158 Practice Exam: Practice Exam


NS0-155 NetApp Certified 7-Mode Data Administrator

Exam Topics:

  • SAN introduction:
    • Overview
    • Administration
    • Performance and Troubleshooting
    • Field Experience
  • FCP Components and Configuration
  • iSCSI Components and Configuration
  • CIFS
    • Configuration and Management
    • Administration
    • Quota
    • Troubleshooting
    • Field Experience
  • MP
    • Qtree Security Style
    • Field Experience
  • NFS
    • Configuration and Management
    • Performance and Troubleshooting
    • Field Experience
  • Aggregate Reallocation
  • Windows® support
  • Deduplication
  • Large Aggregates – Features and Configuration
  • High Availability and Data Protection MP
    • Snapshot™ copies
    • SnapRestore
    • Asynchronous and Synchronous SnapMirror® Technology
    • SnapVault® Software
    • SnapLock® Compliance Software
    • MetroCluster™ Software
    • Protection Manager
    • Performance

    NS0-158 NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP
    Exam Topics:
    The NS0-158 exam includes the following topics:
    • Concepts and components of a NetApp® storage architecture
    • Configurations supported by the ONTAP® OS
    • Supported hardware configurations for clusters and controllers/nodes
    Core ONTAP
    • ONTAP components and features
    • Concepts, operation, and functionality of Snapshot copies
    • Storage efficiency features and functionalities
    • Use of management tools
    High Availability
    • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot high-availability features
    • Failover functionality and operation
    Protocol Administration
    • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot NAS protocols and solutions
    • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot SAN protocols and solutions
    • Network concepts and components
    • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot network features and components
    • Configure, monitor, and troubleshoot cluster interconnect features and components
    • Create, configure, and expand aggregates
    • Create and configure volumes
    • Disks, disk shelves, and RAID groups
    • Administer performance tools and output
    • Usage and rules for storage tiering
    • ONTAP Security concepts, strategies, and configurations
    • Storage encryption and compliance features
    Data Protection
    • NetApp storage protection concepts, operations, and functionalities
    • Configure, administer, and troubleshoot SnapMirror and SnapVault technology