Cisco’s BYOD Smart Solution

The IT world is seeing a huge shift towards consumer-owned wireless devices becoming a part of the corporate fabric. Users from sales people to the CEO want the flexibility to use their own devices for accessing corporate data and application resources. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for enterprises: While there are cost-savings and productivity gains when employees are empowered to work from anywhere on any device, IT now has to manage and secure a wider spectrum of systems, and several problems may result:

  • The Management Problem: How does IT manage all of the new devices on the network?
  • The Quality User Experience Issue: How does IT ensure that the user experience is uncompromised, regardless of where they are coming from and on what device? How does IT ensure that video-rich applications are supported across the enterprise? How about ensuring quality for wireless users?
  • The Secure Access Concern: How does IT ensure that only the good guys get access, now that the borders of the network have been blown wide open?

Fast Lane Training Available on Cisco’s BYOD Solution:

Fast Lane, the only worldwide provider of Authorized vendor curricula from Cisco, has a full and growing range of training offerings addressing the skills required to implement, manage and troubleshoot a Cisco BYOD Smart Solution:

Cisco Partner Training:

  • !FL-SBYOD: 1 day immersion into the whole BYOD Smart Solution story
  • !FL-BNABW: 1 day in-depth overview of the Borderless Network Architectural vision, including BYOD, Medianet, EnergyWise and more.
  • !FL-ISEAM: a ½ day focused look at the core technology enabling Cisco’s BYOD Solution, the Identity Services Engine (ISE)
  • Implementing and Configuring the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE v1.1) (SISE): Mandatory Training for ISE ATP Partners SEs.

Design, Implement and Troubleshoot training for the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution:

Key Advantages of the Cisco BYOD Solution

Tight integration across the network infrastructure leads to a long list of unique advantages over other competitive solutions:

  • Secure Access for Any Device: leverages a wide range of choices including X.509 certificates, 2-factor authentication, Cisco AnyConnect client, and 802.1x to support a wide variety of devices.
  • Industry leading Wireless LAN: including Cisco CleanAir, ClientLink, 4x4 antenna design, Secure Fast Roaming, VideoStream, wireless QoS
  • Unified Access across Wired, Wireless, Remote, and Mobile: Common approach anywhere devices connect to the network, including wired, WiFi, public WiFi, and 3G/4G mobile
  • Unified Experience for End Users: AnyConnect client provides a unified experience for users, whether connecting at the corporate office over WiFi or remotely over 3G/4G mobile providers.
  • Unified Visibility and Device Management: Cisco ISE and Cisco Prime provide a single source and visibility for users and devices, simplifying troubleshooting and auditing.
  • Unified Communications: Cisco UC and Cisco Jabber integrate users with corporate communications systems including voice and video conferencing