The Fast Lane Certification Boot Camp Experience

Fast Lane, the worldwide leading provider of Advanced Technology training, has been delivering certification and training programs since 1996. We have earned the title of “the Fast Lane to Certification Success” by focusing on the cutting-edge technology and certifications that support the top technology talent, helping you grow to the next level and helping you achieve certification in less time than traditional approaches.

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We are proud to provide professionals the absolute best experience, starting with great customer support and pre-class learning programs, right through to certification success. Check out this video about our CCIE Wireless Boot Camp:


Pre-Class Expectations and Preparation Options

Every Boot Camp by Fast Lane comes with pre-class support, and in many cases come with multiple options. The reason for this is obvious: Not every student is at the same level of experience or has the same strengths and weaknesses. We want you to come to class as prepared as possible for an intense learning experience, ready to acquire new knowledge and take certification exams. In some cases, we provide an Exam Pass Guarantee based upon your commitment to come to class prepared and in conjunction with using our online resources. Ask your account Manager for more information on our Exam Pass Guarantee program!

Each class will have the following potential pre-class features:

  1. Basic Community Site LMS and Expert Mentor Access: This is provided at no additional cost. You will have access to basic assessment content, managed expert forums, and a Learning Center that allows you to track your pre-class preparation process. Your instructor will also have access to your results in the Learning Center, allowing for a more informed in-class relationship. This helps drive the mentoring process during class, as well as allowing you to assess where you need to spend your precious pre-class time. The Learning Center provides free learning content and suggested reading materials, as well as a compilation of links to available resources on the Web. Also, if you have any questions about what is on the site or just general questions about how to prepare best before class, just send an email to, and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

  2. Fast Lane’s CertPrep Coach© Support Service: This add-on service includes additional support for individuals and companies that want 24/7 access to mentors, as well as a proactive mentoring approach that pushes the students to achieve study goals and complete assessments, and comes with the following great features:
    • Additional resources and assessments
    • Skill building assignments delivered daily
    • Progress is monitored and guidance provided if you happen to veer off track or off schedule
    • Real-time expert: When you need help, simply click on the "CertPrep Coach Connect" button to chat with a live expert, 24/7
    • Email and live, online demos provide step-by-step instructions
    • Sessions can be recorded for future reference
    • Demo tools with proactive exercises and feedback
    • Unlimited access 24/7/365
    • On-demand response
    • Accurate, reliable answers
    • Direct expert chat
    • Supplemental email
    • Skill-sharpening assignments
    • Discussion forums
    • Simultaneous screen view
    • Targeted exam prep
    • Monthly reporting and assessment
    • Progress monitoring and tracking
  3. Fast Lane’s CertPrep Coach Service with Phone Support: This higher level of service includes all the above, PLUS reactive and proactive call support from your Expert Mentor. That’s right: Our experts check up on you via phone, respond to any queries, and walk you through the more complex subject matter--everything from how to do basic subnetting, all the way to explaining the complexities of AES encryption (depending on the boot camp you will be attending).

Ask your Account Manager for more information about these exceptional levels of pre-class service.


What To Expect During Class

What’s the Fast Lane Accelerated Boot Camp experience like? Like our name, our aim is to help you securely get your career into the fast lane, accelerate you toward your goal, and help you achieve your training and certification objectives in record time. We do this by focusing on the following key principles:

The Immersion Experience: Life in the Fast Lane means strap your seatbelt on, keep your eyes on the road, and be ready for an in-depth experience that challenges you to be focused and involved in the training. Meeting your training and certification objectives requires you to be alert and driven, and the class experience is tailored to help you achieve that. The key characteristics of a boot camp experience are:

  • Longer days: Class typically starts at 8:30 AM, and runs through to dinnertime, with potential evening sessions. The evening sessions can be used for group drills, one-on-one mentoring, reinforcement labs and activities, or even time to take one of the actual exams!
  • All-inclusive packages: We want you to be able to focus entirely on your training and certification goals; that’s why we conveniently provide packages that include meals, snacks, beverages, hotel accommodations, and exams as a part of the experience.
  • Multiple Modalities and Learning Theory: Fast Lane will verify, regardless of your learning style, that you have multiple ways to "get it": We make sure that you have group and individual labs as a part of the technical curriculum components, and the instructors are always there to help you through the hands-on training. Our instructors are dynamic and qualified, having years of training experience, and are trained in techniques on approaching different learner types as well as training on recent breakthroughs in learning theory that help make the training STICK.
  • Engaging reinforcement activities: Our curriculum and instructors ensure that learning goes way beyond PowerPoint presentations by including fun and engaging reinforcement activities that focus on helping you retain knowledge through the exam and beyond:
    • Rapid-Fire Quizzes: All modules are followed up with rapid-fire quizzes that are fun, energizing, and support the exam prep goal of repeating and reinforcing key points.
    • Extensive Practice Exams: Fast Lane provides several hundred practice exam questions with explanations, carefully developed in order to maximize the benefit to you.
    • Fast Lane Exam Crams: These document-supported sessions are used just before the exam in order to bring key objectives to the forefront of the exam candidate's mind, allowing for ease of recall during the exam.
    • Exam Prep Games: People learn better if they are having a good time. Using a fun and innovative classroom approach, our instructors provide a venue in class for a competitive game between different sides of the classroom, such as "Exam Cram Jeopardy". This allows for camaraderie to take place, and is a highly effective way to reinforce learning objectives.

Certified Experts with a Passion for your Certification Success: Our expert instructors are 110% focused on meeting your training and certification objectives. They are driven and motivated to see you through to completion. That’s why they reach out using the Fast Lane Community Site Learning Management System, checking in on pre-class objectives, and following up after class to see that you are certified. We require that all of our instructors are trained and certified in multiple disciplines and technologies, with both technical and management backgrounds. All of our instructors have years of field experience prior to coming to work for Fast Lane, ensuring that real-world lessons are learned while students are being prepared for some of the toughest exams in the industry. All instructors are also active in their field through consultancy and authoring. Our boot camp instructors are available at least one half-hour before a class start time, and are available all but the last day of class for evening sessions in person or through remote technology (phone, web sessions or chat, or email).

The Right Materials: We use a combination of vendor-authorized quality materials and proprietary materials to ensure the right approach is used in our boot camps. In order to achieve your objectives, it is important that you know what to focus on; we keep an eagle eye on the curriculum, ensuring that it meets the latest exam objectives and integrates the most updated technologies. In many cases, our technology is accessed remotely from class, accessing our powerful data center loaded with racks of cutting-edge hardware.

Motivating Toward Success: All components of a Fast Lane Boot Camp experience are tailored to motivate and incentivize you to learn and retain more in less time: The expert instruction, the group activity, the inclusion of actual exams, the pre-class requirements and materials--these all drive you toward success.


What To Expect After Class

Fast Lane commits to helping you achieve your training and certification objectives. Period. Our mentoring services, including the CertPrep Coach© Support Service, follow you beyond class to make sure you have achieved your objectives. If you need to re-sit class, we can accommodate you through public scheduled classes, Instructor-led Online classes, or our new distributed classroom locations.

If you have to delay taking or retaking an exam, our expert mentor team will ensure that you are provided information on any new exam objectives and practice exams.