Fast Lane Certification Bootcamps

Fast Lane Bootcamps

Accelerated Methodology

When you want an accelerated training experience, it’s time to move into the Fast Lane. The top worldwide provider of advanced technology training, Fast Lane leverages its extensive online lab and portal technology to provide a comprehensive and accelerated training experience.

Students participate in attaining learning objectives as soon as they sign up for class: The Fast Lane Community Site Learning Management System gives students access to top-notch training and assessment materials right away. Pre-class mentoring support helps guide students to successful boot camp preparation, ensuring that all students achieve a baseline of competency required by the intensity of the boot camp experience.

For students in need of more rigorous pre-class support, our CertPrep Coach® services give you great one-on-one support, following you through both pre-class activities and classroom activities, and also work with you straight into certification success.


Best Practices and Other Certification Boot Camps