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Veritas Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.x: Administration (CEPA)

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About this Course

The Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.x: Administration course is designed for the network, IT security, systems administration, and support professional tasked with configuring Clearwell and managing cases in Clearwell. This course covers the major functionality of the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform as well as best practices for managing eDiscovery projects. Main course topics include system management, case setup, legal hold, collections, processing, search, review, and export.

Who should attend

This course is for customers, support engineers, consultants, and partners who need to maintain and use the Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform.

Class Prerequisites

There are no required prerequisites. To get the most out of the training session, however, Symantec suggests that you have a basic understanding of electronic discovery and the Clearwell eDiscovery Platform. If you are new to electronic discovery or Clearwell, Symantec recommends the following options to facilitate a more effective course experience:

  • View a Flash demonstration and read about Clearwell at www.clearwellsystems.com.
  • Contact your Symantec representative to arrange a short demonstration.
  • Review the Clearwell Reviewer QuickStart Guide, Case Administrator Guide, or other Clearwell reference materials.
  • View online training and general information about electronic discovery at www.edrm.net.

What You Will Learn

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Set up and send Legal Hold Notices.
  • Manage Legal Holds.
  • Perform Identification and Collection of electronic items for discovery.
  • Manage Identification and Collections.
  • Setup and configure the system.
  • Create and setup cases.
  • Understand data pre-processing and processing.
  • Understand early case assessments and data culling.
  • Use Advanced Search capabilities.
  • Manage Review setup and management.
  • Understand reporting and exception handling.
  • Print, export, and produce documents in Clearwell.

Outline: Veritas Clearwell eDiscovery Platform 7.x: Administration (CEPA)

Legal Hold and Collection (LHC)

Introduction to Clearwell
  • Course overview and introductions
  • Clearwell appliance overview
  • Clearwell login and user interface fundamentals
Legal Holds and Hold Notices
  • Overview of legal hold
  • Creating legal holds
  • Creating and sending hold notices
  • System administration versus custodian notice
Customizing Notices and Managing Confirmations
  • Customizing notice language and surveys
  • Using reminders and escalations
  • Hold Notice Confirmation Web page
  • Responding to notices and completing surveys
Legal Hold Management and Tracking
  • Legal Hold page
  • Releasing legal holds
  • Managing legal hold user permissions, backup, and license
Identification and Collection Fundamentals
  • Overview of Identification and Collection
  • Source accounts and Active Directory discovery
  • Creating sources
  • Using source filters
  • Creating destinations
Collections and Collection Tasks
  • Overview of Collections and tasks
  • Collecting from Exchange, File Share, and SharePoint
  • Filtering Collection tasks
  • Assigning custodians
  • Managing statuses and schedules for Collection tasks
OnSite Collections and Collection Sets
  • Preparing an installer package
  • Running OnSite Collector
  • Evaluating collected data
  • Creating collection sets
  • Adding a collection set to a case
Collection Reporting and Maintenance
  • Collection reporting capabilities
  • Data collection speed and planning considerations
  • Identification and Collection backup, user roles, and troubleshooting
Processing, Review, and Export (PRE)

Clearwell Introduction
  • Course overview
  • Clearwell appliance overview
  • Clearwell login and user interface fundamentals
Clearwell System Settings
  • System settings
  • Users, jobs, and sessions
  • Clearwell backups and Clearwell Utility
  • Working with Clearwell Support
Case Creation and Management
  • Case data organization
  • All Cases page and case settings
  • Creating a new case
  • Processing settings
Discovery and Processing
  • Sources page
  • Managing discovery jobs
  • Load file import
  • Pre-processing options
  • Managing processing jobs
Document List, Filters and Analytics
  • Overview of the Document List page
  • Using filters
  • Discussion threads, topics, and participants
  • Managing Optical Character Recognition jobs
Advanced Search and Concept Search
  • Advanced search criteria
  • Keyword search
  • Concept search
  • Saved searches and reports
Tags and Folders
  • Tag setup
  • Folder setup
  • Batch folders and review assignment
  • Bulk tagging and foldering
User Setup and Management
  • Understanding system and case user setup
  • Adding users
  • Creating Access profiles
Review Mode and Review Management
  • Understanding Review mode and view options
  • Redaction
  • Document cache and hit highlighting
  • Review Dashboard
Exporting Data: Native and Metadata Exports
  • Organizing documents for export
  • Native export
  • Metadata export
Creating and Exporting Productions
  • Production workflow
  • Production folder settings
  • Production export
Clearwell Review and Summary Lab
  • Reporting and audit functionality
  • Distributed architecture options
  • Review of case workflow and key functionality
Classroom Training

Duration 5 days

  • United States: US$ 3,500
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Online Training

Duration 5 days

  • United States: US$ 3,500
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