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Upgrading to Symantec Netbackup 7.5 Differences for UNIX and Windows (NBUD75)

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About this Course

This Upgrading to Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for UNIX and Windows course is designed for Symantec customers with prior NetBackup experience who are tasked with supporting environments that are upgrading from NetBackup 7.x to NetBackup 7.5 on UNIX or Windows. This three-day, instructor-led offering provides details about the new features of NetBackup 7.1 and NetBackup 7.5 and covers how to install or upgrade, configure, and administer NetBackup 7.5. The new features covered in this course include Auto Image Replication, Replication Director, and NetBackup Cloud, among others.

Who should attend

This course is for Symantec customers with prior NetBackup experience who need to learn about the effective deployment, configuration, and use of the new features in NetBackup 7.1 and NetBackup 7.5. Anyone interested in the following can benefit from this course:

  • Installing NetBackup 7.5
  • Upgrading to NetBackup 7.5
  • Understanding and configuring the new features in NetBackup 7.5,
  • Administering and deploying NetBackup 7.5 environments

Class Prerequisites

Students must be familiar with the administration and configuration of the platforms that are covered by the course. Students must have completed either the Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for Windows: Administration course or the Symantec NetBackup 7.0 for UNIX: Administration course or have equivalent working knowledge of the product.

What You Will Learn

At the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and discuss the features that have changed or were introduced in NetBackup 7.1 and 7.5.
  • Describe the changes to installing and upgrading to NetBackup 7.5 on both UNIX and Windows.
  • Describe changes to the security service packages in NetBackup 7.1 and later.
  • Describe installation and upgrade changes to OpsCenter 7.5.
  • Describe the migration process of the image header files, use commands to assist in migration, and troubleshoot the image metadata.
  • Describe the support for IPv6 and the commands for verifying IPv6 operation.
  • Describe LiveUpdate support for major version upgrades and use the new client import functionality.
  • Describe how Auto Image Replication works to duplicate images to remote master servers.
  • Configure and monitor Auto Image Replication and tune Auto Image Replication parameters.
  • Describe the purpose, background, requirements, and architecture of the Replication Director feature of NetBackup 7.5.
  • Describe the steps for installing Replication Director.
  • Describe the steps to configure NetApp filers and the DataFabric Manager to enable Replication Director.
  • Configure NetBackup for Replication Director.
  • Describe the operations tasks, logs, and general troubleshooting for Replication Director.
  • Describe the virtual machine backup enhancements since NetBackup 7.0.
  • Describe the improvements to virtualization policies and VMware intelligent policies in NetBackup 7.5.
  • Describe how vSphere 5 and Linux virtual machines are supported in NetBackup 7.5.
  • Explain how application-aware backups protect SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint in NetBackup 7.5.
  • Summarize the deduplication enhancements in NetBackup 7.5, including performance improvements, capacity reporting and logging enhancements, and integrity check enhancements and utilities.
  • Configure NetBackup Accelerator and monitor NetBackup Accelerator backup jobs, data locations, and NTFS change journals.
  • Describe the installation, configuration, basic troubleshooting, and support of NetBackup 7.5 Cloud Storage.
  • Describe the monitoring and reporting capability of OpsCenter for NetBackup 7.5 Cloud Storage.
  • Configure and perform restores using the Operational Restore interface in OpsCenter.
  • Configure and manage view-based access control in OpsCenter.
  • Access new reports and monitor changes in the NetBackup environment using OpsCenter.
  • Configure index servers and license OpsCenter to enable NetBackup Search functionality.
  • Use OpsCenter to perform queries and searches, and to create and release legal and local holds.
  • Use tools to ingest backup data into Enterprise Vault for advanced e-discovery capabilities.
  • Use network resiliency to reduce the impact of network latency and interruptions.
  • Describe the enhancements to encryption, key management, Exchange, and SharePoint in NetBackup 7.5.
  • Describe the new detailed status codes associated with restore status code 5, the job process flow milestones, and audit trail modifications.
  • Install and configure a NULL storage unit in NetBackup 7.5.
  • Summarize the enhancement to the support utilities in NetBackup 7.5.

Outline: Upgrading to Symantec Netbackup 7.5 Differences for UNIX and Windows (NBUD75)

Module 1: Introduction to NetBackup 7.5

  • Introduction to NetBackup 7.5
  • NetBackup 7.5 feature overviews

Module 2: Installation and Upgrade Enhancements

  • General NetBackup 7.5 installation changes
  • Embedded security services
  • NetBackup 7.5 installation on Windows
  • NetBackup 7.5 installation on UNIX
  • Upgrading to NetBackup 7.5
  • Installing and upgrading to OpsCenter 7.5

Module 3: Infrastructure Enhancements

  • Enhanced image metadata management
  • Support for IPv6
  • LiveUpdate enhancements

Module 4: Auto Image Replication

  • Overview of Auto Image Replication
  • Configuring Auto Image Replication
  • Monitoring Auto Image Replication
  • Managing and maintaining Auto Image Replication
  • Troubleshooting and logging Auto Image Replication

Module 5: Replication Director

  • Introduction to Replication Director
  • Replication Director architecture
  • Installing Replication Director
  • NetApp configuration for Replication Director
  • NetBackup configuration for Replication Director
  • Replication Director operations
  • Troubleshooting Replication Director

Module 6: Virtualization Backup Enhancements

  • Overview of virtual machine backup enhancements
  • Virtualization policy enhancements
  • VMware intelligent policies
  • vSphere 5 support
  • New application protection
  • Linux virtual machine enhancements

Module 7: Deduplication Enhancements

  • Deduplication enhancements overview
  • Deduplication performance enhancements
  • Deduplication reporting and logging enhancements
  • Integrity checking enhancements

Module 8: NetBackup Accelerator

  • NetBackup Accelerator overview
  • Configuring NetBackup Accelerator
  • Monitoring NetBackup Accelerator
  • NetBackup Accelerator usability and troubleshooting

Module 9: NetBackup Cloud Storage

  • Introduction to NetBackup 7.5 Cloud Storage
  • Installation and configuration
  • Monitoring and reporting on NetBackup Cloud Storage
  • Troubleshooting and support

Module 10: OpsCenter Enhancements

  • Operational Restore
  • View-based access control
  • Report accuracy and stability enhancements
  • Monitoring and reporting enhancements

Module 11: NetBackup Search

  • NetBackup Search overview
  • Configuring indexing
  • Performing searches and hold management
  • Ingesting to Enterprise Vault
  • Troubleshooting NetBackup Search

Module 12:Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Network resiliency
  • Encryption and key management enhancements
  • Exchange and SharePoint enhancements

Module 13: Supportability Enhancements

  • Disambiguation of status code 5
  • Job process flow milestones
  • Audit trails
  • NULL storage units
  • Support utilities for NetBackup 7.5
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